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Separation Model & Ext. Authentication Issue

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FMS15 on MacMini with a known slow LAN and horrible Wifi.

Solution consists of 3 files (UI, Data, Documents). All documents are external secured storage.

UI and Data open on first window. However, documents file does not open until user navigates to a layout that displays a portal of documents. Therefore, this file is not opened on startup.

Occasionally, the documents file does not open and displays "missing." This did not happen FMS12.

I thought about scripting the opening of the documents file on open, but was wondering what might be the root cause.

No OD, just using OS El Capitan Users and Groups.

Tia, B

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Anything in the FMS event and/or access log about this?  Does the document file have an auto-login?  Does the UI file have multiple file references to the documents file?

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Since the client tells me days later, I suspect reviewing logs will be looking for the proverbial needle in the haystack, Wim. If you have pointers, let me know!

No auto-logins on any files.

UI has external refs for data and documents (one of each).

Data file also has external ref to documents file.

Edit: Allow Keychain is checked. Perhaps I should disable that? These files were recently hosted by FMS12 and accessed by FM13 clients. We're now on FMS15 and slowly upgraded the users to FM15. The users that have FM15 are the two that reported this issue.

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