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Ok probably like a lot of folks that post here, I'm a beginner...

I am having some issues exporting to xlsx files in relation to my value lists.  Basically, I have foreign keys going in to text-fields, using the pop up menu for translation.  However, when I go to run exports, the pop-up menus don't override the foreign keys.  At this point I'm sort of at a loss, as I've come up with very little on the Google machine, in regards to this type of situation. I've tried every way I can think of to change my relationship set ups, but the dynamic nature of the value list is the only option that seems to fit my scenario.

Is there some type of script, calculation field or text w/calculation that I could run that would take care of this? The folks at my work live and breathe Excel, so this is sort of  a project requirement.

Any help is appreciated.



Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 9.48.37 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 9.47.37 PM.png

Screen Shot 2017-01-23 at 9.47.29 PM.png

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Instead of exporting the local foreign key field, export the Name field from the related table.

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    • By Jonathan Myrah
      After completing an initial sync to my test iPad (starting with an empty clone) none of my value lists that reference fields are working. Instead I get a message saying "No Matches Found". Value lists with custom values still work.
      According to the email I received after the sync completed, all of the records required for the values lists were successfully synced.
      Has anyone seen this before?
    • By Ponderosa
      Totally not sure if I've put this thread in the right topic category, as I'm not even sure how to go about this. First, I'd like to be very clear on the fact that, if possible, this will be done without scripting. I'm hoping for some kind of calculation. IDK. Anyway, I'm trying to copy or Calc one field from an older record to its newest match (using BatchNum field to match). The two fields are different fields (FormNum is the ID number field) (RefID is the the reference field for FormNum ). RefID would allow the user to find the last time the same arrangement of data (FormNum being its ID number) was used. It's meant as sort of a skipping stone effect, if that makes sense.
      My thought was to create a filtered value list of some kind and just set RefID with the highest ID number from FormNum, prior to the newest entry. Or organize by newest Date Created, prior to the newest entry. Again, IDK.
      I'm quite stumped and hope this rambling makes sense to you very helpful people. Thanking you in advance....
    • By Lea Alexander
      I have 3 tables: Person, Session, and Contract where Contract is a join table.  
      I am in the Session table layout, in a Contract portal.  I have a field – Trainer Name in the Contract table – where I want to select the name of a person from a list of people in the Person table.  The Trainer Name field is a dropdown list using values from the Trainer value list “Person::__k_p_Person and Person::Name_Full”. I have tried numerous configurations with table instances and I either cannot alter the Trainer Name field at all, or I get a “?”.  
      After the Contract record is created, I want it to show up in a Contract portal on the person’s record in the Person table.  
      Each person will teach multiple sessions.
      Each session has multiple trainers.
      I have foreign keys in the Contract table for Person and Session. 

    • By Little Mighty
      Hi Guys
      I can't figure out a solution for this. The final result is an export, No data have to be stored in filemaker afterwards.
      I need to combine and export data from 3 tables to the SAME field in Excel. Lets say we have table A: A1, A2 and A3, table B: B1, B2 and B3 and table C: C1, C2 and C3. These are tied together by a unique number in the solution. I need these fields to output i the export as all 1's in one column beneath each other, all 2's in one column beneath each other and all 3's in one column beneath each other. 
      I am thinking, that I need a new table to combine these fields in 3 new fields D1, D2 and D3 and then do the export of this table. After export, the table could be deleted until next export. I am thinking this should be set up as a script. 
      Does the above make sense, and could it be done via a script?
      Thanks for the help - really appreciate it!
    • By sal88
      Hi all
      I've created a value list that serves as an email autocomplete drop down (like the sort in an email client). This VL looks to a single text field in a single record table which currently has 3000 lines. The field is updated every 15 minutes by a scheduled server script.
      The 'auto complete using value list' option is applied on the field that refers to this VL.
      The old method was to not have a VL but to just tick the 'auto complete using existing values' option on the field. This was not ideal because existing values might be incorrectly spelled email addresses (and the user would not be able to remove them).
      Since switching to the new method it is slower to retrieve the values from the VL. It is not the type of slowness that locks up filemake; rather it just means the user has to wait 1-4 seconds for values to pop up when letters are typed - before this is was instant in the way it is instant in normal email clients.
      Does anyone have any ideas as to how to speed it up? Or whether this is expected from a single field VL?
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