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Unwanted download of interactive container content

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While using FM Pro (19), accessing hosted databases, my interactive container fields automatically download their content.   This happens on Pro, but not on Webdirect.

Has anyone else experienced this?  I first thought there was a layout trigger firing something, but the problem seems to occur on any layout, regardless of active triggers.

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    • By Dellana
      I am using Filemaker Pro 17.  I have created a container field with 'interactive content (PDF, MP3, etc.)' checked in the Data tab in the Inspector. PDF's won't upload.    I've uninstalled and reinstalled Adobe Reader DC.  I've tried other PDF files and they just won't load.  What am I doing wrong?  (I've done is successfully in the past with Filemaker 15 with the exact same PDF files).  I'm using a MacBook Pro with MacOS Mojave Version 10.14.2 (18C54).
    • By naio
      I use a local solution database with layouts and scripts only and data files are hosted in FMS16 under OSX.
      I've created a container field on one of the hosted database tables, the storage settings are set to "Store container data externally" and "Open storage".
      From the solution file, with my full privileged admin account, I can right-click on the container field, select "Import file" and select the file to be imported. Everything works as expected, when I'm done I can see on the server folder that the file I've uploaded is there.
      However under a user privilege set, it is not possible to "Import file", when right clicking I just get Cut, Copy and Paste.
      How can I allow my users to import files? On the hosted database file, the 'user' privilege set allows them to create, edit and delete records in all the tables but they have no access to layouts (because these are hosted layouts they do not need to access).
    • By andersonk06
      I am starting to create a new solution to catalog all of our companies Safety Data Sheets and would like to make the PDFs accessible through FMP14. At the moment I have created a container field that is Interactive and has temporary storage. If I choose "Insert PDF" FMP thinks about it for a moment then opens the pdf I have selected, if I close the pdf I can see that something is in the container but there is no content show. If I move to a record where this has been done the PDF automatically opens, albeit slowly, but I am unable to view the PDF contents without exporting it. If I insert the pdf as a file I see a file icon but am not able to read the file in any way except by exporting it. 
      From reading about PDFs and container fields, it sounds like I should at least be able to see a thumbnail of the pdf but I am not able to read any of the PDFs content. Has anyone else been having that problem? A sample file is attached. 
      Ideally the pdf would be viewable in the record or by clicking a single button and then could be saved to the user's computer for printing purposes. 
    • By Elkpodemiami
      Hello, I have a question that I'm debating myself if it's doable or not...
      there is a solution with an Inventory DB. This file contains images of the products, before the filepath was used in the container field as "imagewin"... but the images are being moved to an external system "a cloud".
      Is there any way i can link the images from the cloud into the cointainer field or maybe a similar solution I could work around?
      I'm kind of stuck on this issue and I don't know how to proceed.
      Thanks in advance.
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