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This is depressing

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The more I hang around here, the more I realize how little I know about database design. I was searching the forums trying to find a way to get a pdf to look & print decent as the background on a layout (so I could just plop down fields in the appropriate places). I came across a thread talking about getting the OS X look into your database. I downloaded a sample template from http://www.layoutmode.com/ and started poking around. It hit me that I rarely use global fields. And I sure as heck don't use them the way Joe Obegi did with the graphite template.

Anyway, does anyone have a good suggestion on a reference source (book, tutorial, etc) that covers advance FMP techniques like the ones Joe used in the template? I know that for a lot, if not most of you folks here at FM Forums, his techniques might not be that advanced but for me, well I haven't a clue.

BTW, this is by far the best FMP resource that I've found anywhere. The level of expertise here is, well, humbling to say the least.



P.S. I still haven't figured out how to make the PDF look or print decent. confused.gif

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My favorite book is "Special Edition using Filemaker Pro" by Colombre and Price.

Also excellent and very advanced is "Advanced Filemaker Pro 5.5 techniques for developers" by Moyer and Bowers.

These are two very different books, but both are very worthwhile. I think the average user would find the Colombre and Price book more useful initially.

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Click on the little gray "handle" thing that has the name of the part on it... like "Body". Then when you select the fill color and texture you are selecting it for the background of that part.

And if it helps reduce your depression... I had the same bewilderment for a bit when I first started using Joe's graphite template.

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This topic is 7872 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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