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Find and delete empty records

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Have you tried finding the blank records using a simple find and the equal sign "=" no quotes?

In the Find Mode, I would enter the = sign in a couple of fields that I know that my real records have data in, and this should produce all record that Do Not Have data in them. The more field you use the equal sign in your find request, the better the chance that you will find what you want.

In Find Mode

Enter = in Field 1

Enter = in Field 2

Enter = in Field 3

more fields if needed, and then,

Hit the continue button.

This should find all record that are empty in all three or whatever number of fields you choose.

Once you have them in the found set, you can use the Delete Found Records. Go to "Menu" - "Records" - Delete Found Records (about the third item in the menu list).




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As an alternativeto Lee's method, you can do a find of records that are good and you do not want to delete. If you have a field that you know has a value, e.g. a number field or date field, do a find for value > 0, or date > 1/1/1950,or something similar.

Once you have found the good records, from the records menu select Find Omitted, this will then give you the bad records,and you can now delete them as Lee suggested using the Delete Found Records command.



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This topic is 6511 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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