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Not working on a mac


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i have a solution that works seemlessly through IWP on a PC, but is having problems on the mac.

IE on the Mac seems to work the best as far as Macs go, but a few things, including the most important in the solution, does not work.

Safari (which is supposed to be supported) does the one thing that IE wont do, but doesn't do anything else.

I am only using web compatible scripts, and as i said, everything works fine through IE on a PC. I've tried both OS 9 and OS X. MAC IE and Safari are both supposed to be compatible IWP. What is happening is that some of the buttons that have scripts attached to them are not clickable, as if they are not buttons at all. So, even if there were some uncompatible scripts steps (which there's not), i can't click the button to execute the script.

I guess my only question is where, at filemaker, can i notify them of this? I didn't see a bug report section on their site... Any help would be nice.

FileMaker Version: 7

Platform: Mac OS X Panther

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Howdy, howdy! Yes, unfortunately, that does not surprise me at all. As a Mac user, I tend to stumble across many sites that seem to have only been Windows tested. In the past, some Mac browsers were using older code and technology than their Windows counterparts, even if they shared the same version number. IE 6.0 was apparently a significant upgrade and the Mac version stopped at 5.2.x. I can't tell if you're designing for internet/intranet but if it's internal, don't stop at IE and Safari for Mac.. try others, too.

As for your FM, Inc. Q, maybe they will be more receptive now but I have heard developers on FMFORUMS complain about FMI's deaf ear to their feedback in the past. Of course, maybe they were just saving all the feedback for FM7, eh?


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Well, at least i'm not alone.

The solution is internet, and thankfully, i know that probably 95% of the users are PC and everything will be fine. HOWEVER, my supervisor is a die hard mac man. And while I prefer the mac, i understand it's a PC world. But when i reminded him of that, he wasn't amused. I ended up saying "Hey, i didn't develop FM and i didn't develop the browsers." which also didn't go over well. . .

None the less it is frustrating when the documentation says that MAC IE and Safari are supported and it works in neither. I did contact FM Customer Support, but so far no response.

Anyway, life goes on.

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This topic is 6503 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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