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Missing objects !?!

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I started to play with IWP today. I was just about to deploy a solution on the web using CWP and along comes FMP7 ;( now my world is topsy turvy what to do.

Anyway. I have a multi file solution in FMP6, works fine. I converted it to 7. and turned on IWP to give it a go. Most of the objects do not show up in my browser! Tried Safari and Explorer. In addition, many (most) of the buttons on the layout that I can see (in safari) don't work, although they work fine using FMP7 client (the scripts are just single step, go to layout).

I tried creating a new layout, and still many fields and objects don't show up. Is there some magic incantation, or buton to push that I am missing?


FileMaker Version: Dev 7

Platform: Mac OS X Jaguar

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I am answering my own question.

The database I was using was a converted multifile database. The problem turned out to be related fields from other files. If I did not specifically open all the (ancilary) databases thru the browser, the pages (layouts) with related fields don't reder properly.

I first tried to open the ancilary databases thru the browser first, then opened the main database. When I did this the layouts looked fine.

For a nicer user experience I next imported the external tables into the same file and changed the 'relationship' to point to the internal table. that worked too.

To the bottom line is that layouts with inaccessable data don't render properly.

I hope this helps some one.

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This topic is 6488 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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