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Things that look good in FM 7.0 and not on WEB


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I made a relational database. It looks good in File Maker Pro 7.0 and it acts as I want. But when I look from Netscape 7.1 or Internet explorer 6.0 I notice some problems/bugs (?). I read many forum discussions and i saw that some of my problems was raised but it didn't come any clear answered.

This a few problems witch stops me from finish the my job.

1) I have a table and a text field witch has attached a value list that have all distinct values from the same field.

In FM I can choose from the list or i can add a new name, ... on the WEB I can only choose from the list.

2) I have 2 tables related.

e.g. a) tabNume: Id_Name/Name/Phone

: tabSched: Id_Sched/Date/Id_Name relation is Id_Name.

I want to show on layout with records from tabSched and the related information from tabName (Nume/Phone)

On WEB when I want to do a new record and choose from a value list an Id_Name it doesn't show up the related information.

3)On the WEB doesn't appear the scroll of the portal

4)If you design a portal with 5 records you can't add the 6 new record (on the WEB)

Bugs? Java Problems?

If someone knows please help me, or have a better solution (other programs) please tell me.

Thanks in advanced.

FileMaker Version: 7

Platform: Windows XP

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i haven't worked with PORTALS over the net yet, but i know #1 is not a web supported feature. However I have seen issues with related records in some cases in list view, but nothing yet that match what you are describing here.

As far as a better solution... learn PHP, or ASP, or similar along with XML and XSLT to talk with filemaker and you can pretty much do whatever you want. The less complex the solution is, the more you can get away with using the IWP. IWP works for our solutions because they are very straight forward with little "dynamic" features.

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This topic is 6495 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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