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Barcode font BARS12.TTF will not display


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Running Filemaker 7.0v2 on Windows 2000 finding a serious problem with a true type font. The barcode font BARS12.TTF (version 1.00), which works just fine with Filemaker 6 for displaying a postal address label barcode, fails to render in Filemaker 7.

An ordinary (plain) text field, in both a new test database and in a converted database I've used for years, refuses to accept formatting to this font in Layout mode, though the font shows in the font list and shows as a truetype font.

(In Browse mode text will accept the font formatting, though it does not look right at the standard 12pt font size; appears to render shorter in height and length than normal.)

Anyone else run into this? Solutions or workarounds? Must be a software bug...?

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Here ya go.

Must be the font.

Where did you buy it and when?

It matters because FMP7 is using a new font generator.

So the problem is probably a sub-standard font.

I can help if I know more about the font or actually have a sample TTF file.

You did purchase it? Right?

Freebies are notoriously buggy.

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Found the solution after more digging. It's something about the language used to store the index for the text field.

You have to hold down Ctrl+Alt override the indexing language, or something to that effect, while selecting the font. A warning message about this *sometimes* pops up when trying to apply this font format in layout mode. Presumably other symbol fonts such as Wingdings must be handled the same way.

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This topic is 7206 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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