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How to Print Database Definition - Fields, Layouts


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Hi all

I'm currently preparing to upgrade to v7 but before I perform this I would like to make a record of the database structure. I have managed to print all the scripts off for the different files but cannot see how to print the Define Fields, Define Values and Layouts.

BTW, I'm using version 5 and 5.5

Many thanks in advance

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You can print the fields just by changing the print option in a FileMaker Print Dialog to print the Field Definitions.

BTW: Although it's not free, I highly recommend MetadataMagic for pre-conversion analysis. Not only does it help you figure out which elements in your solution are no longer used, it can clean up file references. This is important in converted solutions. Try the demo.

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Sorry, I missed read your question. The stuff you want to print is available in the Print options.

You can print Define fields by using the option, Field Definitions, and you can print the layouts, using print Blank Records (You have a couple options on what you can print).

Beyond the available stuff, you can read the bios of each of the utilities at Fmfiles and there are some free ones, and also so limited demo ones that can help.



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Hi Folks,

I searched the forum for help on importing metadata from image files and didn't find much, so I am hoping one of you may be able to help me. I am trying to import: the image itself, the image name, and the miage metadata into various fields of a FM database. I have found the plug-ins at http://troi.com and have written a script in ScriptMaker to acomplish this. I have been using FM since version 4, but am relatively new to scripting. I have posted a picture of my first whack at this to my server: http://lattitudes.net/picture.html. (The metadata is located in Photoshop under file>file info.)

Can anyone help me with this?


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This topic is 6628 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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