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FM 8 Adv consistently crashes with certain sequences of events

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Hi all,

I was wondering if anyone else has experienced FileMaker 8 Advanced crashing when doing the following on a Mac running Tiger:

When I'm in the Define Portal Dialog and I go to Define Database - Relationships Graph from there, if I try to set the size of 2 or more TO's to the same size (via the resizing feature in the drop down list), FM consistently crashes when I finish all the dialogs, return to the layout and switch to Browse mode.

If I don't try to do any resizing via the drop down lists (I say "try", because this feature doesn't work for me when I access the Relationships Graph through another dialog), then all goes just fine. There's something about using the drop down lists in the Relationships Graph when I've opened up the graph through another dialog that FileMaker doesn't seem to like one bit.

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I created a database with one table, two stored fields and one global field. Then created a second relation with a self-join between one of the stored fields and the global field. Then created a layout from the new relation with the global field used to look up entries in the table from the original relation. A classic and simple use of portals. Then, in layout mode, from the portal set-up dialog, I went to identify the related table, and chose "define database..." I then selected my two relations and chose to resize them to the largest height and width using the pop-up menu at the bottom of the dialog. I then closed all dialogs, returning to layout mode.

When I attempted to return to browse mode, FMP8Av3 crashed.

I then went back to the 'define database:relationships' following the same path, selected one table, brought up the popup menu that allows you to select all relations from the same source, made no selection, left that dialog, left the portal setup dialog, and crashed BEFORE I even returned to browse mode.

IMHO, you found a bug. But an easy one to work around. Simply get out of the portal setup dialog before going to define database:relationships.

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Thanks! I'm glad to know it isn't something unique to me.

I sent FileMaker, Inc. a detailed report on my findings earlier.

I know how to avoid the problem, as you pointed out in your workaround...the problem is remembering to not do it when I'm concentrating on database development. :doah:

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This topic is 5646 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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