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How can IWP show photos in database?

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I have a database of hundreds of photos added using "Store only a reference to the file" and would like to make it accessable to the intranet so employees can choose photos for publication.

I can see the database, just not the photos.

Is this possible to accomplish, and if so, is there a particular location where the photos must be stored to be accessable?

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Have to be stored on a shared folder or network drive, the issue you'll come across a LOT of issues with this though, i advise you don't pursuit. Instead, set up an additional FileMaker File, reference it and actually store the images in that file.

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I know Filemaker USED to become really unstable when you store more than a few images inside it. Is that still the case with 7+?

How are you suggesting referencing the other FM database? Descrete database, not a table, with number and photo only?

Portals? Relational fields?

Would it be easier to do Custom Web Publishing and use HTML image tags to get the photos?

Please explain, I'm all ears!

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Sure, but you need server 8 advanced to do Custom Web Publishing (and even if you do have it it's kind of annoying to setup), and if you want to use HTML tags normally, you can use a plug-in (TROI's URL thing is great for this) to get HTML files straight into container fields (which is actually what i do).

Now to the actual point.

Create a new file, turn on sharing etc. as you did with your other file. Create 2 fields in the table that's generated for you... ID and Container

Put the file on the server, and open it up for hosting / access.

Go back to your client / dev machine and open up your main file.

Click File -> Define File References

Click New

Call your file reference something useful

Find it on your server (You may need to put 2 paths here 1. Your Local File Reference, 2. Your Wan File Reference)

Anyway, then you just go to Define Database, add a new table occurance, choose File to be the file reference you defined before and choose that table from the other file.

If this makes no sense feel free to tell me.

As per stability issues, I'm not sure, but given that it's a completely seperate file containing only 2 fields and is only being referenced, I wouldn't think so.

This is only a recommendation, there is definitley nothing wrong with using HTTP to plug the images in -- only it's a hassle.

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RE: The Stability issues, you could always test it out... Write a simple loop script to store 1 images over and over again into separate records... maybe 100,000 if your computer can handle it (make sure the images aren't to huge so you don't overload your hard drives storage capacity). Then... to be fair, perform file maintenance on the file, and put it through some testing.

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By the way -- the MAIN reason for not storing them in the same file, besides possible performance issues is backups... You don't want to backup your image database anywhere near as often as your main one due to what is usually an immense size.

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I'll play with that a bit. I had a customer who had hundreds of photos embeded in the old FM 6, and when he approached the 2 Gb limit (since removed), it was mighty touchy! True on the backup issue!

Any idea why, when I IWP the database, I can get it open using the full url to the database


it loads all but the nav on the left, then it oscillates, continually blinking, and reloading the page, showing the same record, no nav, never stops.

Also, when I turn off IWP, turn on fmnet, try to log in (fmnet:/ Database.fp7) it seems to find the database, hangs for a minute, then errors that it can't open the database, either host is not available, or file is not on host.

Wierd stuff.

Thanks for your help so far, Genx.

P.S. How does the Troi plug-in work?

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The troi Plugin will only work in a WAN scenario (It's an old investment i made a while ago). If your set on IWP or CWP you ought to have a look at a Plug-In by FM WebSchool, I think it's call grab-it or something. Look around in the plug-ins section or announcements section on the forum -- you'll come accross it.

Possibly ... possibly because it's not logged in? I really generally stay away from IWP but think i may venture into CWP quite soon -- So I can't really advise you at this point but re your Fmnet:/ reference, try getting rid of the .fp7 extension in the filename it should work i.e. fmnet:/ Database

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This topic is 6143 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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