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Cannot connect to database

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I have been using instant web publishing successfully for several months. After my last database upgrade, I can no longer connect to my database via the Internet. When using a computer connected to the same Ethernet network, I can connect to the database in a web browser just fine. Any other computer searches for my IP address and cannot connect to it. Instant web publishing is set up per instructions, and looks like it should be working. Here's the page with the database link:


Any ideas?


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Hi, is the link to the database the 'spinner photographs' one?

If so, it points to

I get a return of:


from that address

Is this a permanent connection that allows access in both directions on the port that you have Filemaker running on? Is the server behind a firewall? If you can access the server on the local network but not from the Internet, this looks more like a router/firewall issue.

Could you post some details of your server and network config?

regards, Jeff

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Originally posted by Spinner:

"page=Pics.html" is the syntax for the cgi script that the whole site uses. Thanks, but I don't think that's the problem!

I am just saying, that the link is not valid as URL address. If there is really some CGI, which will translate that into proper FM request, than it can be OK.

So, where is the problem? You cannot call FM that way. It is not standard URL syntax. I guess it is the problem with CGI processing. But you did not supply any indication of what the CGI is doing, so it is not question about FileMaker and FileMaker users (or gurus) cannot help...

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This topic is 8363 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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