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from version 6 to 8.5 advanced recover before conversion

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I'm finally going to version 8.5. I bought advanced this time ( I did not have developer in the past). While reading about conversions, on the filemaker site it is written that "files should be recovered and then compressed before conversion to version 7 and higher". That is big news to me as I was always told that recovers are to be avoided but in dire circonstances. My question is the following: should I then recover and compress with my 8.5 advanced in the old format ( i.e. .fp5 format) and then convert so as to have the advantage of having the developer report of the old version handy?

Thanks and Merry Christmas to all!



ps as I am filling up the fields to submit this post, the platform for FM Server does not show linux which is my platform...could that be added to the choices by the webmaster(obviously this is not related to my question)?

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Thanks The Shadow,

here is the link :o ( it is answer id 750 in Filemaker's knowledge base)


It is the 6th header in the pdf document and is titled ;) "recover & compress files". The way it is written, it does not look like a "if" but it really makes me scratch my head whether as to follow that lead or not as I have 37 related files to convert.

Thanks again for your input,


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This topic is 6116 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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