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How do I see the web pages?!

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I'm creating a database in File Maker Pro 5 that will be used for a web site. I have never done a database in FM before (only worked a little with Access), so I hope someone here can help me out a little.

I've come as far as creating the database files (one master file and 3 related files).

The database is supposed to display projects by an architect firm and so I've created the following database files:

- projects.fp5

- employer.fp5

- category.fp5

- images.fp5

These files are related through projects.fp5 which is the master file. I've added some test info and images and it seems to be working fine. Now I need to get it onto the web. I've read the Help files but I don't quite understand them.. How do I view the web files etc. Are the fp5 files exported into a web format at all or are the same files being used... shouldn't there be html pages or something?! I'd be reassured if there was an "export database to web" option and then voila it was done, but there isn't...?!

I have made sure "Instant Web Publishing" and all that is enabled ...

Can anyone give me some help?! Thanks!! smile.gif

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In 'Preferences/Application' check that the 'Web Companion' Plug-in is enabled. Then check that each database has 'Web Companion' enabled in the 'File/Sharing' menu.

Now, with the files/databases open, you will be able to access them with a browser. Either, at the IP address of the host computer, or localhost.

Good Luck.


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hi, after checking the advice above, can I suggest a first simple test that just checks if your copy of Filemaker is configured to serve over its HTTP interface??

1 Open Filtmaker (you don't need any databases open)

1 open a web browser on the same machine

3 connect to


This should return a text page 'about the web folder....'

if it works, then 'Instant web publishing' should work as well.

if it doesn't, then:

1 You've changed the web companion port in the Filemaker preferences, and the url above needs to include the port number.

2 Is there websever software running on the same machine? in which case you *must* change the Filemaker port number

3 Is the machine definitely configured for TCPIP networking, including a static address?

4 Is Filemaker configured for TCPIP networking?

Once it's working, try the same test from another computer using the FileMaker computer's IP address (and port number). If that works, you've eliminated any networking issues

regards, Jeff

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This topic is 8193 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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