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remote connection question.

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Hi, thanks for helping me out on this little problem. I have a server running a regular version of FM 7, I then share it with the other networked computers, and share the data from the file open on the server.

When the networked computers are using the database, they sometimes pull information from other FM databases on the server. If the databases are already open on the server, then everything works fine, but if the server only has the shared database open, and not the databases that the original reaches out to, I get error messages on the networked computers.

Is there a way to allow the networked computers to use the open database, and have it reach out to the other databases without them being actively open on the server?

Thanks so much


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This is a recipe for total disaster.

If you are hosting the files under FM7 then you should host ALL the files from that machine. Under no circumstance should networked users be able to gain access to the files directly (ie. via the operating system) and they should only open the files through the remote option in FM.

Configure a start up script in one of your databases (on the "server") that will also open all the other files for the solution. That way all the files are then "hosted" by FM7.

If you continue in your current way then you will almost certainly suffer a critical database corruption.

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This topic is 6065 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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