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Capturing the find criteria

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I am trying to find a way to capture the find criteria so that it the criteria (ie date range) will display at the top of a report.

For example, I want to know the work in progress from 2/1/01...2/13/01. Once the "set" is found, I need to have the date range displayed at the top of the report.

Is there a way to capture a find range and put it in a field?

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i sometimes use a global field for my date range finds. On the find layout, have the user actually in browse mode, enter the date range and when your defined FIND button is pushed, have the script copy the global field, enter find mode, paste into the actual date field (not the global Date range field) and then perform the find. Place the Global field in the header of report layout. This way, the Global field always displays the most recent date search.

Only downfall is not really a big deal. If the Global field is not cleared, then the next person that goes to do a find will still see the last find range. If you don't want this, simply create a script that has a Clear [GlobalDateField] then go to Find layout. Assign that script to all of your buttons that go to that layout.

quick response, if too vague, let me know.


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Assuming "yaf" got it backwards...

Create a global field (call it "gFind") and place it at the top of the report layout (in the header, maybe?).

Create a script that only works in find mode (use the appropriate " if status" command), but when in find mode does the following:

Sets the global field to whatever you want to save (i.e. "date").

Performs the find (remember to uncheck "restore" in this script step).

Goes to browse mode.

Goes to the proper layout.

Prints the report.

Clears the global field ('cause you only wanted it for that report).

That oughta do it.



P.S. I'll be putting directions on a new page at my website next week, detailing how to save find requests for later use. When it's up, I'll post it.

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This topic is 8499 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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