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WinSoft propose you to participate to the "FM Pro10 Beta Test Campaign"!

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WinSoft is a software development company based in Europe (France). As a strategic partner of FileMaker, WinSoft develops the International Version of FileMaker 10 products, which gather all the tools of the US versions plus advanced features to handle Central European, Czech, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Middle Eastern, North African and South-East Asian databases.

[color:red]Be the first one to try the pre-release products and share your feedback and suggestions with product development!

Your job as a beta tester

- Test conscientiously the beta version

- Report bugs in our database

- Respect the deadline of the testing period

Receive a Free license

If you seriously and conscientiously participate in the beta test campaign, you will receive an official free licence of the tested product.

Are you interested? To become a FM Pro 10 Betatester, please click here

Looking forward to seeing you soon on our web site! http://www.winsoft-international.com !

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Its a different version specific for those languages. Its always a separate release.

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i'm testing middle east version. in right to left display of field, when you are in the field and press left arrow key cursor goes right and vice versa. is that a bug or my miss using?

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