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<no access> to value list in iwp, but works fine in FMP

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Hello everyone.

I have this problem that has been bugging me for three days now, and to which I can't seem to find a solution.

In FMP 11 I created a simple database with only one field called "set".

On the layout, there is this field, and a portal which displays related records (based on the value of "set" from a related database with a lot more fields.

The field "set" on the layout is a pop-up menu, displaying values from a value list based on the contents of "sets" in the related database.

The only relationship is that "set" (in the original file) = "sets" (in the related database, hosted in FMS 11 Adv)

Everything works fine in FMP: the sets are looked-up and displayed properly, and the portal does what it's supposed to.

When I display the page in IWP, the contents of the pop-up is replaced with <no access>, and a a result the portal is empty.

There is only one user for the database (admin) which has full permissions.

NOW THE SPOOKY STUFF: by playing around (but I can't remember exaclty how, hence my message here), I managed to get this to work with IWP.

The only concession that I had to make is to add a "commit record" button so that the portal actually displayed the related records.

Any help would be pretty much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


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Looks like opening the related file in FMP fixes this issue.

Very weird.

And about 10 minutes after closing the file, it stops working again.

Since IWP is not compatible with Open File... what can I do to ensure that my uses have access to the data ?

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This topic is 4309 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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