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Get number of filtered portal rows: How?

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using a "count of id" summary field in the enclosing layout/table I can get the current total number of rows in the portal based on the portal relationship. But I have three or four filters defined in the portal so that the portal only shows a subset of this total.


How can I possibly get the correct number of portal rows that are displayed at any time — outside of the portal on the enclosing layout? Preferably in a global field?


I can insert a Record Number Symbol on each portal row that displays the current record number down to the last number. That works fine. But I can't get this value into the enclosing layout/table, whatever means I try.


I could probably use a couple of ExecuteSQL queries (one for each case), but because my filters are quite complex these would be also very complex and cumbersome, especially because SQL treats the data a little bit differently than FileMaker (empty fields vs NULL fields, etc.).


Any suggestions how to achieve this?


Thanks a lot!




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How can I possibly get the correct number of portal rows that are displayed at any time — outside of the portal on the enclosing layout?


Assuming this is for display only: duplicate your portal, make the duplicate one row tall and place (only) a summary field, defined (in the child table) as Count of [serialID], inside that row.

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Yes, good idea.

At this time it's only used for display. However, it would be handy to have it in a field.

Thank you very much.


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However, it would be handy to have it in a field.


It is in a field. And if you need to refer to it, you could assign an object name to that field (or, more precisely, to the specific instance of that field). However, this would work only on layout level - same as portal filtering only works only on layout level - so if you need this for data processing, use a filtered relationship instead.

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This topic is 2581 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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