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New plugin and FM 11? Maybe Yosemite issue?

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Hi all - 


My client's using SuperContainer and FMP 11, and since I upgraded my workstation to Mac OS 10.10 I can't see any of his SuperContainer documents in the FileMaker UI (Webviewer) that still works for him and his users. SuperContainer asks me to authenticate as usual and accepts my credentials without objection, but afterward I can't see its data.


I've tried upgrading my companion plugin to the latest version, but that made no change.


Is anyone else having this problem, and has anyone found a solution?


Thanks, and happy 2015,


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Well, the Web Viewer in FM uses Safari to display the SuperContainers, so if you're using the same URL, what you see in the Web Viewer should exactly match what you're seeing in Safari itself. I wouldn't expect the Companion plugin to affect what you're seeing in the Web Viewer, since that's being served by SuperContainer server itself. If the Web Viewer is using the applet style, there may be a Java issue as well.


What does the Web Viewer show instead of the proper data? Does it show a blank screen?

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This is off the SuperContainer thread, but I have found that Filemaker 11 will not show images in a Web Viewer under Yosemite. Perhaps there is a new incompatible version of Safari in the new system? Help appreciated.

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This topic is 1976 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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      But I still need to get off of my old physical towers.So my next idea is that I want to spin up an EC2 in AWS and put filemaker server on it as an alternative, but I can't find any verbiage that details how that works(or if it works) in the way that I would like. Namely, I need my AWS server to talk to Active Directory, preferably by ADFS or SAML (lesser so).
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      I am aware of how to open a container file automatically using the computer's default settings for the file, but I  was wondering if someone could help me understand how to open the contents of a container with Preview for OSX.
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      SC 2.899 installation on OSX10.10 server and FMS 13.0v5 is giving a headache.
      • closed WPE on FMSAT
      • uninstalled previous version of SC
      • Mac installer for SC2.899
      • changed mod_proxy.conf according to documentation
      • opened WPE on FMSAT
      On the server,  SC runs well when I check
      From the client (LAN, no firewall), when I open http://serverIP/SuperContainerI get the message:
      The requested URL was not found on this server. The link on the  seems to be wrong or outdated. Please inform the author of  about the error. If you entered the URL manually please check your spelling and try again.
      This is the txt in the mod_proxy.conf file:
      ProxyRequests Off
      <Proxy *>     Order deny,allow     Allow from all </Proxy>   ProxyPass /fmi ajp:// ProxyPassReverse /fmi ajp://   ProxyPass /fmwd_help ajp:// ProxyPassReverse /fmwd_help ajp://   ProxyPass /SuperContainer ajp:// ProxyPassReverse /SuperContainer ajp://   ProxyPass /SuperContainer  
      ProxyPassReverse /SuperContainer       Am I missing something here?

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