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Open Remote list not populated


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Good morning all,

We are currently running FMS12 hosted on a Windows Server 2003. All clients are also windows users and are running FM12.

Everything has been fine, then yesterday, due to an internal office move, we had to move the server to a new room. Everything was closed down properly and restarted correctly.

However, the server is no longer showing in the Open Remote dialogue. Opening the file via 'Open Recent' works fine and the files open fine.

I initally did a re-boot of the server and this corrected the issues and the Open Remote wokred last night, but this morning it is back to having an empty 'Open Remote' list.

The server IP address and name has remained constant.

Any suggestions?

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The Open Remote relies upon the Bonjour service. Maybe...


1. The Bonjour service has stopped after boot up

2. The Bonjour service has been removed


Is the server now behind a firewall that is blocking Bonjour?



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Thanks for the suggestions.


I have uninstalled and reinstalled Bonjour on both the server and clients pc's and the situation is still the same.


Would Java versions possibly cause an issue?     As for Firewall, all settings, switches etc are the same as they were before the physical moving of the sever.

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As an update, the issue has now been resolved, admittedly through trial and error.


I opened FileMaker Server Admin, and unticked then re-ticked 'List all databases' from within Config>Database Server>Security and saved the setting.


Perhaps the shutdown and restart process did not properly re-load all the server settings.?

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Well, unfortunately, this problem has reared it's head again!.


Suddenly gone back to being a blank list in Open Remote.   This server is not listed and therefore non of the databases on teh server are showing.


Open recent opens the files perfectly, and if I 'Add Favourite' and manualy type in the server address, the files are listed fine, but the Open Remote remains blank.


The only thing that has been dones is that four pc's were moved to new ports on one of the switches, but there is no IP conflicts caused by these new pc's.  Any other suggestions guys?

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This topic is 2029 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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