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Estimate only printing one page when I have more then 20 line items

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Welcome to FMForums!


Print from the LineItems table using a List view.  The Body would be the line item with a leading part (known as 'grouped by') based upon LineItem::InvoiceID with page break on this leading part.  Place the client and invoice fields from your Invoices table and Clients table within this leading part and be sure to sort by your break field (the field defined in your leading part).  Read up in FMHelp on creating reports and you can search here for examples of Invoices.


If you get stuck, let us know.  :-)

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Not a problem. This is the right topic area for now, because you’re using version 13, unless you want ms to move it move to a different topic better fits your question.


Let me know by Private Topic.

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I wish you would have mentioned this before

Im using Fm starting point

because FM Starting Point can better answer your questions because they know it better.


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Hi Torega2,


LaRetta's method is one way of doing it, however, it won't necessarily make a good and pretty multi-page Invoice/estimate, etc.


We are actually making a multi-page document for the TimeSheet print out... for our latest release... which will be coming out in the next week or so.  


Our process is to extend the length of the Layout to... 2 pages.   Then one Page 2... at the top put a small sized summary of who the document is for, etc... then add a portal for Page 2... but make sure you change the Portal Rows it displays.


When you double-click a Portal you have the options of specifying the records that portal will display.  Most people don't notice this.  For Page 2...the portal you setup should display the records AFTER the records displayed on Page 1.


- Richard


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RIchard I did what you suggested and now it will print 2 pages when I only have a few line items in the invoice?   is there not a way to only print multiple page invoices when my line items exceed the 19 line items 

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This topic is 2826 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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