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Converted from FM5 to FM13: Find criteria missing?

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I have a client who converted an old solution (FM5) to FM13 recently.  They have found that some Find script steps, that used embedded criteria, have the operator missing from the step.  It may just be limited to ">" operators, too.  (I haven't have a chance to look at the files yet, but a couple of printouts show this to be the case.)

Does anyone have experience converting these old files that use embedded criteria?




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I cant recall if there were issues with those operators in the finds.  That being said, I hope that your client ran MetaDataMagic when converting from fp5 to fp7.  That conversion was tricky.  If not I would run it on a copy of the files anyway to see if there may have been any issues.


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This topic is 2187 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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    • By Sinky
      Hi FM people!
      I have one problem which is probably simple to solve but so far solution eluded me.
      I have a dropdown text field which offers a list of years (Table::Years). This is global field.
      I have very simple find script:
      Enter Find Mode [Pause: Off]
      Set Field [Table::Order Date; Table::Years]
      Constrain Found Set [ ]
      Table::Order Date is a date field.
      Idea is to perform find according to the value chosen from a dropdown list. However, this does not work. I'm getting "provided find criteria not valid".
      But, if I enter manually one of the years from the list, It works. Same is valid if I write down a year in the script e.g. Set Field [Table::Order Date; 1980].
      Set Field [Table::Order Date; Table::Years] itself works when in browse mode, but in find mode, nope
      This is I guess a format issue, so I tried several combinations changing fields to text or date but without success.
      Any help is appreciated
    • By David Simpson
      Fremont, California - .com Solutions Inc. today is pleased to announce the release of FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition 9.13 with support for automated Microsoft Access to FileMaker Pro 19 migrations. FmPro Migrator Platinum Edition 9.13 enhances the Access to FileMaker 19 conversion feature in the following ways:
      * Relationships are created more accurately during the conversion process because all table/fields are now converted to be SQL compliant.
      * Table occurrences are also standardized to use SQL compliant table/field names so that they get created correctly. The menu allowing manual selection of a TO base table now displays the converted base table names.
      * The list of TOs displayed on the Layouts tab now uses the converted TO names when updating layout TO names manually.
      * When performing an Access to FileMaker data transfer, the completion status now displays correctly after it has completed.
      * On macOS and Windows support has been added for creating layouts with FileMaker Pro 19.1.2 by changing the process which deletes layout parts before pasting the layout contents via the clipboard.
      Converting legacy Microsoft Access databases to FileMaker 16 offers many advantages including: 
      * Cross platform compatibility: FileMaker solutions run directly on macOS, Windows and IOS devices. WebDirect serves FileMaker custom apps to all mobile and desktop platforms running a supported web browser. Access can only run on the Microsoft Windows operating system.
      * Easier database sharing: FileMaker database files can be shared using FileMaker Server or FileMaker Cloud with macOS, Windows and IOS devices. WebDirect serves FileMaker database files to any device or platform using any supported web browser.
      * Improved reliability: Access database files require frequent maintenance to "compact and repair" the database. Sharing Access files on a network file share typically results in file corruption. FileMaker solutions don't have any of these problems and file sharing is reliably supported from within the FileMaker application for peer to peer sharing or via FileMaker Server or FileMaker Cloud on AWS.
      * Greatly enhanced file capacity: FileMaker supports a 7TB filesize compared with the anemic 2GB Access filesize limit. If the Access database file ever exceeds the 2GB file size limit, it will immediately become corrupted.
      * Easier Development: Upgrading to FileMaker Pro 19 also offers developers the opportunity to take advantage of the latest design, development and security features included with FileMaker Pro 19 and FileMaker Server 19 and FileMaker Cloud including WebDirect capacity enhancements.
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      Access to FileMaker Migration Feature
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    • By emncwundy
      I have two iPads connected to FM server. For some reason one ipad (5th Gen running 13.5) will not complete the navigation scripts and shows error messages (no records match this find criteria), however the 7th Gen running on 13.1.1 works fine..... Issue has only begun after purchasing the second, newer iPad. I cannot for the life of me work out what is wrong, or how to troubleshoot and would love some guidance please!! Here is a screengrab of one of the scripts and related layout:
      fm go script issue.tiff Orders iPad layout.tiff
    • By ken_s2007
      I arrived at a solution that is working now.
      The problem I was trying to solve:
      I have a field containing a bar code number, and want to have a find executed against the data, but if the first two characters of the barcode were "AB", to strip those off before executing the find.
      The solution:
      Use a custom dialog box with user input to scan the barcode; store the results in a global field; run an If statement, and if the first two characters are "AB", set a variable to the value minus the left two characters; perform a find using that variable.
      Following is what I tried before the working version. I'm leaving it here mainly because I'm still trying to understand more (in my general FileMaker knowledge) about PROBLEMs 1 & 2 (#3 has been solved by using the custom dialog with user input, etc.). But since I have a working solution, only have a look if interested. thanks
      I have a field containing a bar code number, and a button that runs a script to perform a find on that field, where the user scans the bar code, and the scanner returns the number plus a carriage return (I have the scanner programmed that way) to  execute the find. When there is a record with a bar code label whose number below the bar code itself matches (e.g., "20154673"), the following script works just fine.
      Enter Find Mode [ Pause: Off ] Go to Field [ Select/Perform ; hardware::id_num_org ] # At this point, the bar code is scanned, and the CR # triggers the find. However there are some barcodes begin with "AB" which are not to be used in the records (business rules). When using "Enter Find Mode [Pause: Off ], "Go to Field [ Select/Perform ... " is then executed before the barcode is entered; if pause is On, the user has to manually select the field to enter in (unless there was an active record, and the target field was active) -PROBLEM 1.
      If a record is not found due to the leading "AB", the "No records match this criteria" dialog is suppressed (as I want with error capture on), but the error code returns "0", not "401"—UNLESS I use "Perform Find [ Restore ]" with the criteria being data beginning with "AB", but of course the data being searched on is derived from the barcode scan. -PROBLEM 2.
      (Note: I simplified debugging of the error code by temporarily commenting out the If structure, and placing a custom dialog at the end of the script, using "Get Get ( LastError )" ) .
      Once I can (hopefully) get into the If structure OK, how can I modify the data that was input during the search? I have the code for "Set Field" (or similar) worked out, but don't know how to capture the input data into a variable, or what have you. -PROBLEM 3.
      Following are the basics of the script so far:
      Set Error Capture [ On ] Enter Find Mode [ Pause: Off ] Go to Field [ Select/Perform ; hardware::id_num_org ] If [ Get ( LastError ) = 401 ]   # I only want to run the steps inside the following # If statement if the scan begins with "AB";   # not if there simply is no record for the barcode. If [ Left ( hardware::id_num_org ; 2 ) = "AB"      Modify Last Find      # I think in order to not require the user to # rescan if we get to this If statement, that I may # need to capture the scanned input into a variable. # That is yet another thing to work out.      Set Field [ hardware::id_num_org ; Right ( hardware::id_num_org ; Length ( hardware::id_num_org ) - 2 ) ]   End If End If Set Error Capture [ Off ] I tried using Perform Find [ ] , but didn't see a way to pass the scanned barcode using criteria for "Specify Find Requests".
    • By Richard Carlton
      Summer is over and our weekly FileMaker webinars are back! 

      Our first one is this Thursday at 11am PDT, on “Relationships for Beginners”. 

      Register Here: 

      We will spend 30 minutes covering a specific topic. Then the last 30 minutes will be an open Q&A on any topic.

      Topic List:
      Sept 13th: Relationships for Beginners
      Sept 20th: Find Records, Date Ranges, and Special Operators
      Sept 27th: Conditional Formatting (Can I making something Red?)
      Oct 4th: Automation (Repetitive Tasks can become Scripts)
      Oct 11th: Reporting & SubSummaries
      Oct 18th: Merge Fields and Hiding Objects (Harry Potter Invisibility Cloak)
      Oct 25th: Sharing your FileMaker App with Co-Workers
      Nov 1st: Basic Concepts for Building Mobile Apps

      All the best, 
      Richard Carlton 
      CEO & Video Trainer
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