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Online PDF Forms and FileMaker 14


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Hi All,

I want to get some feedback from members on the group.

I have a client who desires to build a website where a user can log-in, have access to PDF forms, fill out the forms, sign the electronically, submit them and some how get that data back into FileMaker 14. Once the data is in the FileMaker 14 DB, if a FileMaker user want to PRINT or SEND via email, I could use the PDF Manipulator plug-in to populate a template PDF and produce the output.

Any suggestions or direction would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Not sure I get the idea of signing a form and then attempting to get the data out, and possibly re-create a version of the form

Presumably the point of signing is that the end user then agrees that the data in the PDF is correct at that time. Getting it out again risks the chance it could be altered and therefore is no longer the signed data.

Do you want the forms to be filled on the website - as that's not going to work very well as you have no control over the end users environment. You could create a web form which is linked to FMP, then generate the pdf and send it to EchoSing or Docusign or some other signing service and then recover the signed PDF container if that is what you are actually after. You could also create the form as a widget on EchoSign, send the user a link and then it can be signed there and then. One of the issues is iunderstandign how to extract data from things which are not text fields as is not as easy as you think

If you want to have the form as a downloadable form to be filed out offline then that also works but the user needs to use a proper reader - Preview on Mac or online 360live  are not going to do the job... I have several clients where we use this for application forms as the data can be sent back as XML or FDF which is a flavour of XML, but in our case there is no need for it to be signed.

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This topic is 3098 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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