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Pop up windows


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Hello All,

I have two tables: Materials Table and Label Table

What I want to accomplish is when Click my Print Label Button but I want to see my Label Table in a Separate window.

For Now I have a the following script:


Freeze Window

Go to Layout ["Labels"(Labels)]

Show all Records

Delete All Records [No Dialog]


New Record/Request

Set Variable [X; Value (GetFondCount)]

Set variable [$_Text; Value Material Description:".........]

Set Field [Labels::Label; $_text]

Set Variable[$_text; Value"Location: & $Location]

Exit Loop if $X≥$_MatnContainers

End Loop

Enter Preview Mode [Pause]

Print [Restore]

Go to Layout [("Materials)]

Enter Browse Mode


Thank you so much in advance.





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The link explains how to use the new window command.

The script you provided appears to be quite incomplete.

You mention popup windows; but your script has no new window command.

Your script mentions variables; but it never defines the variables.

It would be helpful to attach you file; or a clone of your file; or complete copies of your scripts.

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I tried the examples but I want my original window to be open when the other pop up window appears.

Scratching my head ... OK, I see you're on Windows. My guess is that you have your original window maximized. What happens then is that your new window will also open maximized. So your original window is still open, but it's behind the new window.

In order to keep the original window visible, you'll need to un-maximize it before you create the new window. I use a script step like this:

Move/Resize Window[ Get ( WindowWidth )]

This will un-maximize the window and make it a pixel smaller.

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Hi Fitch,

Thank you. Please pardon the newbie...

How can I integrate the Move/Resize Window to my new script

New WIndow [Name: "Print Label"]

Go to Layout ["Label" (Labels)]

Enter Preview Mode []

Print Setup [Restore]


Thanks you.






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This topic is 3072 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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