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portal inspector data grayed out


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for some reason my portal field has stopped showing the scroll bar and will not create new records, but alters the last record, effectively wiping it out. This is hell on the billing, since these are essentially purchase orders. I have scroll checked in the portal layout box, but no joy. When I invoke the inspector, the appearance and position tabs work fine, but EVERYTHING in the data tab is grayed out and I cannot check the scoll bar function there, or any other box. Adding to the mystery, when I duplicated the layout and replaced the portal with a new one, the scoll bar reappears, but as soon as i revert to Browse mode, the layout goes back to the original, dysfunctional layout and portal and WILL NOT allow me to change to the duplicate layout with the working portal (visible scroll bar) (a new name and everything.) I have named the portal as an object on the original layout and invoke it first with my script. basical open object, go to last line, set several fields, etc. no conditional formatting, just filter for latest seven records and sort ascending. Maybe I have to call it something else on the duplicate?

FMA 11, OSX 11.6. Files too big to post. Menu set to standard.

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I too have experienced 'weirdness' in portals.  

My best advice is to drag everything out of the portal and then replace it with a single field that is clearly within the portal's defined area.

If that doesn't work, drag the content to the side, delete the portal, recreate the portal and drag the content back...

Hope this helps



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This topic is 2783 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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