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Understanding how fonts and text formatting work

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Wondering if anyone can explain to me how font's work in filemaker.  We often find when importing and exporting data from one filemaker file to another the font gets changes both in font size and formatting.  Does anyone have any advice on how this works?




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If you change Themes, or you don’t import the theme you were using, the new theme will change the Font attributes, along with some other things. If you copy and paste data, then you need to setup the fields to remove the data being pasted or imported.


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1 hour ago, rpan said:

 We often find when importing and exporting data from one filemaker file to another the font gets changes both in font size and formatting.

More details would be useful.

In general, a Filemaker text field can hold two types of text: plain text or styled text (incl. a mixture of the two). Plain text has no styling attributes and is displayed using the styles attached to the field instance on the layout. Moving the text to another file, where the field is formatted in a another way. will result in the same text being displayed in another font, font size, color, etc. You can even place another instance of the same field on the same layout and format it differently.



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