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Scribe Broken? Support Broken?

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I have been running a document creation and management solution for 2 years.

My scribe maintenance subscription ran out so I bought a new license.

Boom the whole things has collapsed.

Scribe is throwing errors when a field in the database does not appear as a merge field in the document the attached being a typical error.

This solution is vital to my practice but 360Work have no taken 2 working days with no solution - not responding to my emails when I tell them that their work arounds aren't working.

2119699537_Screenshot2018-05-0508_55_13.png.1ef8c310e85882b5e11b11e124cb5f53.pngThis was suggested "ScribeSetErrorCapture(true)" - but that does not even appear in my steps in the script window.

Utterly frustrated.


Screenshot 2018-05-05 08.39.02.png

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Hey Stickybeak,

  SetErrorCapture doesn't exist as a script step, just as a calculation. Not all of our functions could be ported from calculations into script steps when FileMaker 16 came out, but they can be still be invoked just the same. Try the following line towards the beginning of that script:

Set Variable [ $setErrorCaptureOn ; ScribeSetErrorCapture(true) ];

  Here's a link to our documentation that describes the function in more detail: http://static.360works.com/plugins/Scribe/documentation.html#ScribeSetErrorCapture

  I hope that works.  If not, please reply to my e-mail and I'd be more than happy to set up a meeting tomorrow.

Junior Perez


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they got onto it for which I am really grateful.

turns out error capture in scribe is not a script step its a calculation...which I actually worked out how to use.

thanks 360works for responding 

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