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Quick Books plug-In Error after update

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FM Books Connector v9.0.1.0 was working fine with FileMaker Pro Advanced ver 13.0.4, after upgrade to FileMaker Pro Advanced 14.0.6 on one computer, plug-in stopped working on upgraded computer. Get Code - 1000, Error 80040418.

Other users with FileMaker Pro ver 13.0.4 are still working fine.

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Hi jfk_25,


That error indicates that QuickBooks has not been accessed by the third-party application (in this case, FileMaker 14) before. This is expected behavior when connecting to QuickBooks after upgrading FileMaker to a new major version.  All you need to do is open QuickBooks and your company file, then begin a session and configure the QuickBooks configuration certificate as per the Developer's Guide, just like you were doing a first-time startup. You will then be able to use QuickBooks in unattended mode once more.

The reason behind this is that the QuickBooks treats the combination of the FM Books Connector plug-in and the version of FileMaker as the key to determine when a different application has tried to access QuickBooks. If you were to set up a connection with FileMaker 14, and then upgrade to FileMaker 17, QuickBooks would treat FileMaker 17 as a "new application", and so the first-time setup would need to be repeated. It's a bit of extra work, admittedly, but it's necessary, and once it's been re-configured, anyone with access to your company file can connect from that new version of FileMaker.


Hope this helps!

- CT

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