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Automotic backup

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How can i export records with desired filename? For example after my backup script runs then fm automatically save the records as a file name that according to system date (030131.tab -year/month/day-)



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Hi Adam!

IF your after only a backup then consider:

-Export is good but in case you make a change on the DB u have to remmeber to include those changes and re-edit your script

-You can also use Save a Copy of the file option...

...on windows....there is a backup utitly under Admin tools. All is required that files not be used/served at the time of backup. If u want your log files backuped from C:Program FilesFile Maker.... then FM has to be closed....

opening and closing of files/application can be scripted by buit-in scripts.

-U can ue eg. 'start.fp5' with the "run a script on open of the file" to start/close....u can use builtin win scheduler to open these Closing/opening files...related files will close their "relatives"....

I am sure u will think of other ways...

IF export is necessary then u can use copy-paste approach from fileds in which u store pre-detined names...

Look at http://fentonjones.com/files/Scheduling.html

from Mr. Fenton how was generous enough to share...


...imagine if shoes were sold like plug-ins....."oh,sorry but the right shoe is not included...you can stilll walk but we have a right-foot-plugin for only 70% more of the left one!"

Good Luck!

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This topic is 7471 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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