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Strange Graphic Layout Behavior

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Sometimes when selecting Grouped objects the handle bars of all individual items are selected and it seems that the item is ungrouped - when in fact it is grouped.

Other times when moving objects around on the screen with the arrows - duplicating and dragging. the handle bars are disembodied from the object. If I select an object say a button the handle bars are highlighted elsewhere. or another object is selected instead. - (It's like an out of button experience).

Usually I just go to browse and back to layout. Or I have to Copy all objects and cut them and re-paste them on the layout. I had a database unexpectedly quit after doing my layout gymnastics. And when I tried to reopen the database it quit again when it hit that layout. I did the recover command and managed to recover my data but the layout in question 90% of the content was gone.

Anyone else see this behavior?

Version: v7.x

Platform: Mac OS X Panther

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I haven't used 7 much yet. But I see similar. What I've seen is when you select an object, then hold Shift and select another, the handles don't appear on the 2nd object; but they work normally.

It's kind of wonky. But nowhere near as bad as the layout problems we were having in OS X earlier. Your experience with Copy all, paste and crash is troubling. I guess I won't try that fix :-/

It's odd how FileMaker seems to have more problems with the OS X interface that most other apps (my scroll wheel ONLY doesn't work in FileMaker). Of course, few of them are as cross-platform. All and all, I like OS X and its Quartz graphics engine, but I really wish they could manage handle simple text and graphics fast and reliably. Seems not too much to ask.

The XP people are seeing really fuzzy text, and I've heard complaints about speed and printing, so it's not just Macs. But I haven't heard that they are having these layout object problems.

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This topic is 7421 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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