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FM7 - Data and Interface Separation

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I am thinking on how FM7 new function benefit if I want to design a new FM7 solution with Data & Interface separation method.

For FM6, the reason I like data & interface separation method is easy for future development after implement. I also make the portal (in interface file) as list view and I can limit what user can see, to improve security. But I also hate this method because it made many FM default functions like find, sort... requires developer to use script and calculation fields to make similar functions.

I would like to hear all of you sharing experiences and comments on "Data & Interface separation method", especially if you have convert or re-write the solution by this method.



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If you haven't read the Separation Model in Migration Foundations and Methodologies take the time to read it.

I have converted a set of files using that a guide. I did most of it from scratch. I did copy some layouts. And I was able to transfer the data. I ended up with 3 files: (1) Interface, (2) Business Rules & Reports and (3) Data.

I am pleased with the outcome.

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The business rules are the calculations necessary for the business. In general there is a table for every data table. A One To One relationship exists between the data table and the business rule table. You may have some additional tables for reports. This means that when you create a new record in a data table you must also create one in the business rules table.

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This topic is 6434 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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