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When will sliding be fixed?

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using 7.02 on 10.3.4

There is still some kind of sliding bug.

Yes, fields slide properly, and big variable-length fields or portals that span over into a second page if large do shrink correctly into one page if they are small... the bug is that lots of blank pages are printed, even if all the fields of every record fit onto one page after sliding!

Identical records and databases in Filemaker 6 do not do this; they slide exactly the same but don't randomly print blank pages all the time.

This is a reproducible bug. Make a report with one large field or portal spanning two pages, and set all fields to slide up and reduce. Make sure that the contents of each field are sufficiently small that all the data, after sliding up and reducing, easily fits on ONE page. On printing and previewing, you'll see that the output consists of perfectly properly formatted single-page records, interspersed with almost random blank pages. Do the same in Filemaker 6 and there are no blank pages.

This seems a definite bug, not fixed in 7.02. Please confirm.

Anyone know if this is acknowledged by the manufacturer? Any workaround?

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Here is a small 60k file showing the blank pages problem. It opens in preview mode.

There is a sliding portal that spans the page border. The sliding works perfectly.

But after every two (?) normal pages, a totally blank page appears.

If anyone can fix it I'd be grateful.

Seems like a bug to me.


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Hi ctz243!

Same problem...

I've checked your file and every 2 pages i get the blank page.

On my test even a layout with 1(!) object does not slide.

Maybe this is platform dependent and is a SERIOUS bug because i've started to deploy apps with filemaker 7!



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When I move the bottom edge of the body part up as far as possible - so that it bumps the bottom of the text block - the problem goes away.

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Hi Bruce R

You solved this for my little test file, but not for different file of mine which has a more complex layout but the same blank pages problem. No matter what I do, it keeps on spitting out blank pages. So I am for now cramming everything into one page (used to possibly need two). A VERY kludgy workaround.

If a proper fix to this comes out from FileMaker inc I'd be relieved to say the least!

thanks anyway


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This topic is 7103 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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