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Copying Records from one table to another

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I want to copy a record from one table to another.

I have been trying to figure this out for a while and any help anyone could give me would be muchly appreciated...(i also didn't know where to post this... : )

What i have is an item list containing all items (these are sortable by type and size)

The other table i have a client

I then have a middle table linked to both. (List items)

From the client page i enter the list items page, which contains a portal to the items page, and a portal to the client page.

To start i only want items to show in the items portal that are of a selected type, then size (i sort of have this working, i can get it to sort by type, but not by size)

Note: The fields that need to determine what is displayed in the portal are not actually in the portal as i don't want to select them for each item.

. Then i want to be able to copy records to the client portal. ( i don't want to move records completely, just copy, so that the items still all remain in the items portal.

Then on the clients page the client info will be in the header, and i need all the items to be listed in the body ( i can do this by selcting view, list)

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well, i managed to be able to copy fields from one portal to the other, but the problem i have now is that when i copy accross it doesn't create a new record in the recieving portal, instead it just copies into the same portal row...

so the question now is, how do i get one portal to create records in another portal??

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well, now i have another problem...

i can copy the first record accross multiple times, or i can copy any record but only into the same portal row...

i have been racking my brain to the point where it's starting to hurt...

(please note, that i have had no experience with databases before and i have only been using this program for a week...)

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well, i worked it out... (although i still don't know what the problem was...)

Because the file that this was all happening in was a bit to big to post as an attachment i made a test file that just contained the tables i was working with to post here.

well, when i made the test file it worked perfectly... and i have no idea how or why., and then when trying to find out what had happened i tried to figure out what the difference was, but i couldn't find any, i had all values and all fields set to the same, i even disconnected the tables in the main database from everything else.

eventually i had to delete the tables and rebuild them, which i did the same way as i had the first time, but guess what??

THEY WORKED!! exacly how i wanted them to, without any glitches.

and since i couldn't find what i had done anywhere else i will post the test sample here for others to look at...

(would also appreciate any constructive critisism...

thanks to all that helped...

PS. i went back to copying from one portal to another, instead of one portal to many... if i get the latter working i will post it here also...

Test Portal Movement.zip

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This topic is 7099 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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