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Duplicating data on separate layout

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I need to figure an efficient way to duplicate data from one layout and get it to a second layout. my fields are address1, city1 , state1, zip1 and prim address, prim city, prim state, and prim zip. The majority of the time the original data will be the same and need to be entered in the prim fields. So what I want to do is figure a way to check a box and have the info duplicated into the prim fields. My thought was similar to those used with credit card billing info and shipping addresses. Check the box if the shipping address is the same as billing address. Any thoughts on how to go about this.......

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Hello wenzelj,

An alternative way to achieve this would be to set up a checkbox field (with a value list with the value 'Ship to this address').

Then define your prim fields as auto enter calcs with formulae along the lines of:

Case(YourCheckboxField = "Ship to this address"; address1)

- with each field picking up the corresponding field from the other layout if the checkbox has been activated.

Bear in mind, however, that if the address on one layout is subsequently edited, the address on the other will no longer match it (and this would also be the case with the scripted method suggested by transpower). If this is of concern, then a relational solution would be a preferable (ie where the addresses are stored in a related file and the layouts in your main file simply 'point' to the appropriate address...).

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Thanks for your help. I used your example Lee and everything works the way that I need it to. Just trying to automate some tasks instead of copy and paste.


Any solutions to this one............

Another ? here. Trying to create a relationship with info that will change yearly, yet is required on my layout. Same story with the address, but I want to have another file with the information and relate it to the main file. With that in mind to be able to change the info in the address file and run a script to update the main. However when I created the relationship FMP would not respond. Not too sure if the relationship was created properly or if the process is too consuming??? any thoughts here.. confused.gif

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This topic is 7215 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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