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Start Up File Question


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I am trying to write an Opening File Script that will work with our FM setup. Currently we have several files containing data ranging from accounting information to data pulled directly from our production line. We have many different computers accessing this information; mainly apple's running panther but we do have some windows machines as well. We are using the same login/password authentication for FM as we do for our machine login procedure.

I am trying to cut down on the time/fear factor for novice users to log into their respected FM files. However I cannot seem to find a solution that will work with our password structure. This is important because we rely heavily on permission sets to restrict access to tables, layouts, and fields.

In order to use our login/passwords the file must reside on our server as apposed to a local file. However this defeats the purpose of the opener file..

This is not a critical problem but it bothers me when I cant' find a way around things.

I have read over the thread in the tips and tricks and cant seem to get any of those solutions to work properly.

If were to be able to reach as far as the window where I could chose a server and file I would be happy.

ANY information would be greatly appreciated

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I posted my fancy launcher recently.

Your opener file can store one of the hosted file's passwords or not. Either way it should launch the hosted file. Maybe you're missing the essential point, which is that the opener file resides on the user's local machine, NOT on the server.

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There have been other discussions on creating an Opener file, but it sounds like you're stuck on where to put the login.

In my Opener file, which resides on each workstation, the Opener uses the default Admin account with no password. Its startup script is set to use the Open[] script step to open the main file that is hosted on my server. The hosted files all have accounts and passwords, so opening any of these prompts the default login dialog. After the Opener opens the main hosted file, its job is done. From there on, the main file handles all navigation.

If you don't like the idea of leaving the Opener unlocked, you can simply create a guest account for the Opener, and assign it to automatically login when the file is opened. This should not be the same account as the user's account in the hosted files.

Account management accross multiple files is a separate topic that has been discussed in other threads (look in the Accounts & Privileges forum.) But this would be a key to making your system easier for users. Rather than having to enter different account/passwords for different sections of the database, the user logs in once, and from there on, the database knows who they are and lets them go where they have access to go and keeps them out of things they should not see.

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This topic is 6613 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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