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Screen Flashing Gone?

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Hi Ted

I have not noticed any significant difference.

Flashing seems to be repeatable but inexplicable. For example, I have a filemaker database open in one monitor and a tabbed web browser open in the other. If I move up and down the web history in one tab the FMP screen is totally unaffected. However, if I switch to a different tab it acts as if it has been hit by an electric shock - the screen flashes and redraws.

With the View as Form in browse mode moving through the records only flashes when redrawing an on-screen portal.

If I change it to view as list then flipping through the records causes a full screen redraw. Scrolling through the records doesn't flash as much unless you try to scroll quickly. The redraw is noticeable at the bottom of the screen (scrolling up)

My recollection is that the behaviour with FMP7 was exactly the same.

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I have not seen anybody explain the reason for the flashing / redrawing complained of here. My FM8 application will frequently re-draw the screen 4 times (6 seconds in total - lots of calculations on this screen) for no apparent reason. If I change windows to, say, outlook, and then change back again to FM8, I will see my screen drawn, then cleared, then drawn again, and again, and again. I am not running any script, simply tabbing from one window to another.

If I move from one FM8 database to another, it redraws 2 times. If I tab from another application, it redraws 4 times.

Anybody know what is causing this, or even better, how to stop it??



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This topic is 6401 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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