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IWP Newbie...help?

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1. Using server 7 advance to host files but how to I make it so that the address http://ipaddress/fmi/iwp can be https? on port 443?

2. When I use filemaker 8 pro advance to host the file when I use the current window naming it changes the name of the window. When I open the same file from the 7 ad server it simply says Filemaker Instant Web Publishing - NOT what I want to show.

3. Is there a way to log out and kill the window without having to go back to the Filemaker Instant Web home page


4. Is there a guide or somewhere I can look for info on how to customise the homepage? I am happy with all other aspects of the IWP and I don't really want to have to get involved with PHP etc..unless there is a nice and easy GUI program that can do this?

Any help on any of the above is most appreciated.



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The IWP home page is iwp_home.html and it's in the Program Files folder, in the FileMaker Server folder, in the Web Publishing folder, in the publishing-engine folder, in the WPC folder, in the Resources folder in the iwpres folder. The only thing I did with it is add some text to identify my company and some other notes for our users. I wasn't adventurous enough to try to delete the banner, etc.

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FileMaker® Server 8 Advanced offers some additional customization options for the IWP Home Page. However, it's possible to customize the FileMaker® Server 7 Advanced home page as well.

One caveat is to remember that the authentication method changed from 7 to 8, so you have more pages to deal with in 8.


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This topic is 5606 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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