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Thinking of becoming a convert, maybe

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I'm - once again - thinking of moving to a current version of FMP, now using 6. Not that it would not do what I need it to do, but I may want to have a searchable database on the Internet and have no wish to learn MySQL, PHP and stuff like that.

Downloaded the free trial. Tried to convert a single file. Could not access it "with this account & password" (or whatever it said). Removed groups, gave full access to my good friend Ms No Password and voilà! Tried to use Instant Web Publishing. Nothing happens. "No databases found."

With FMP 6 Web Companion I have had the file published occasionally for a co-worker to edit from home - slow, ugly, but works.

This is not encouraging.

I'm sure these issues have been discussed to death many times before, but I could not find exactly the right answers, so please accept my apologies for a new topic.

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The move from 6.0 to 7.0 (or 6.0 to 8.0 or 8.5 for than matter) is not an easy one but well worth the effort. There are "white papers" on the Filemaker website that address converion issues that you mention. It is a longer read but you should do it before attempting an upgrade.

In my opinion Filemaker was on a road to nowhere with the old conventions of Filemaker 6. They needed to change the foundation of the product and get it on a multi-table per file format and address the troublesome security issues inherent with v6 and earlier. They did all that with v7 but as you can imagine, the upgrade process is not as simple as people would like it to be.

Remember the old saying; "No pain, no gain." Invest the time. I think you will be happy in the long run. Good luck!

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I wish I knew if it's worth the effort...

I don't WANT multible tables in the same file* of a database system, on the contrary. I don't have security issues to deal with.

And most importantly, I don't wish to read hundreds of pages of White, Green or even Pink Papers!

My Address Database was started, I think, in FileMaker II or 4 (before any 'Pro'), and has travelled with me ever since from one version to another without ever opening a manual.

I thought that the Tabs -feature might me good - but it turns out that there is no such feature. Even the free sample I looked at has buttons that look like tabs, confirming my theory based on empirical evidence (trial and error).

I'm sure I could work it out - after all, I taught myself do use & program dBase II in the early 1980s without any books or formal qualifications and later to write CAD add-ons with two languages. But now I'm old and lazy...


*) I'm somewhat old-fashioned. Ideally, data and application would be completely separated, but the "old" FMP-scheme of separate files is an acceptable compromise. At least I can make changes to a table/file in one location (eg at home) and just plonk the revised version into the appropriate folder in another location (eg at work).


I guess I sound negative?

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It does. Well, well - now I even found some advice on the matter in the documentation, hidden in section called "Changing a tab control".

It is quite fascinating that the free sample uses an entirely different approach. What is one supposed to learn from the sample?

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"Creative Pro Starter Kit".

Anyway, this tab-issue having been sorted out with the help of you guys:

If I simply convert my systems, instead of rebuilding them from scratch, will they work? Any particular problems I may encounter?

The conversion is starting to look much more attractive - in my most important system the main data entry screen fills a 19in display at 1280x1024 and is cramped and confusing. Tabs certainly would make a difference, although the good old buttons to layouts are an alternative.


Back to the documentation: do we once again have documentation & help that are useful only to people who already know?

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Yes, there are particular problems you may encounter. These are discussed in the two white papers Ted mentioned, and the 300+ threads in this forum's Upgrading&Migration section.

I have learned mostly from the Help file, but if this doesn't suit you, there are plenty of 3rd party books and training materials. Compared to other databases, Filemaker is easy to learn. Compared to other applications in general, it's not. I'd say the chances of someone getting comfortable with the program just by experimenting are pretty slim.

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There is very little about filemaker upon which I can speak with full authority but this is one of them.

I am not a professional developer and had just finished a system in 5.5 when 7 came out.

I asked in the forum whether I should swap and I got the answer I didn't want - swap.

Against my instinct I took the advice ( because no-one in here had ever given me bad advice) and converted to 7.

I too am not young. I did not want any problems. I did not find the transition easy. I did start from scratch................I would never EVER go back.

FM8.5 (tabs and all) is light years ahead of 6. It is a different animal and a much more useful and rewarding one at that.

For your own sake please consider reopening the case


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This topic is 6459 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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