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Email scripts with IWP


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Sending emails with Instant Web Publishing and FileMaker Server Advanced.

This will open the user's email client, which has to be properly configured to work. The syntax for the URL is:

"mailto:" & EmailAddressTextField & "?Subject=" &

Substitute ( Substitute (


; "?" ; "--QuestionMark--" ); "&"; "--Ampersand--") &

"&Body=" &

Substitute ( Substitute (

BodyTextFieldName & ""

; "?" ; "--QuestionMark--" ); "&"; "--Ampersand--")

The fields SubjectLineTextFieldName and BodyTextFieldName CANNOT contain a question mark or ampersand, so the substitute functions replace them with the text:

--QuestionMark-- and --Ampersand--.

EmailAddressTextField must contain a valid email address like [email protected]

The mailto: command will not be affected by pop-up blocking since it uses a different protocol then https and http which are passed to a web browser.

Normailly the mailto: is passed to Mail.app, OS X can also be configured to open Entourage, Outlook etc…as the email application.

You can also use PHP here is an example I created:


In Kindness

Stephen Knight


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I like where this script is going but I think it's a bit better to substitute encoded special characters instead of substituting text. Just like %20 is a URL-encoded space, use %26 for ampersand and %3F for question marks. Also, substitute carriage returns (paragraph symbols) with %0A. YMMV, but %0A gets me a new line and a line break. If %0A doesn't work, try %0D or %0A%0D. (Reference)

Try this script instead:

Open URL [No dialog; 

"mailto:" & Database::Email & 

"?Subject=Sample%20Subject%20" & 

"&Body=" &

Substitute (Substitute ( Substitute (

Database::EmailMessage; "?" ; "%3F" )

; "&"; "%26")

; "PP (paragraph symbol)"; "%0A")]

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This topic is 5230 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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