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Intercepting Jave and HTML errors in IWP

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In my IWP app I need to trap the "Bad Request" and "Exceeded maximum users" messages.

The "Bad Request" will almost certainly occur as I have a very short idle duration (< 5mins), and Exceeded maximum users" will occur as I'm using FMPro which is limited to 5 web users (no money to upgrade FMS).

Basically the IWP app collects time sheet data from in-house workers using web browsers on desktops, androids, iPhone and iPad. In order to optimise performance for the web users the IWP app is running an OnTimer that will only deliver data to the main server (FMS) when there no web users connected - accordingly the web users have a short idle period so that I can maximise the data delivery to the server.

There could (will) also be times when the IWP user limit will be breached (login is automatic to a single IWP enabled account), in which case I want to forward the web client to an secondary IWP "server" running the same IWP app (and possibly to a third) - effectively extending the IWP "server" on demand. My IWP "servers" are virtual machines (XP) and I also have my own DNS with OS X Server.

I've had a good look through the html and javascript files in the Web Support (FM Web Publishing) but lack the knowledge to understand where to catch the errors, and subsequently what code to execute.

Any one got any pointers, or even a worked example?

Many thanks.

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It is possible to change the Bad Request and user limit exceeded error messages in httperrs.js in the IWP language folder.

If you wish to change where it redirects to it is possible by editing servererr2.html. It might be possible to remove the dialog too but I haven't tested that.


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This topic is 4312 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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