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split records


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hi everyone. i'm new at this forum and i'm beginner user of fm. i'm not sure about this is the right topic for that , if it's not sorry about that.


as you see i have file including 1656 record. i have to split that records as  0 to 1243 and  1243 to 1656.

i can't find way to this. could you help please?


thank you already.


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Hi Demerol and Welcome to the FM Forums,


Why do you feel your file is damaged? Please explain what you mean.


What you are asking does not sound like corruption. 


I see this is your first post, and that you are a new user. 


As a new user of FileMaker, it is normal to have a lot of questions.


What do you mean by splitting the records into two groups? Do you know how to perform a Find?



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hi lee , 


i guess i couldn't explain my problem. i haven't got corruption or damaged file problem. 

i have database of something and it has 1656 records. i have to split that records as 0-1243  and 1243-1656. 

so it should be  2 database . did you understand? it's simple. I'm struggle for two days for it but i can't do that.

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I fail to understand why you would want to split these off as two databases when you can do a find or find/omit on your current database. Unless I'm missing something what you want is a really bad idea. Perhaps explain why you think you need to do this?

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it's complicated. there is a database of our archaeological excavation. i enter 1243 records of these, after that i enter 423 records again. and my professor said you should separate new records. now i have 1656 records and i want to split this new and old records as 2 file. that's nonsense but i have to do that. that should be easy but i couldn't. please help me or i have to do manually.


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that's nonsense but i have to do that


It probably is - so think twice before you do it. I am not sure what your data is, but if those two groups of records have the same characteristics (i.e. they both fit your table's fields), then you should keep them together - and possibly add another field to distinguish them



Otherwise this should be easy: show all records, unsort, go to record #1 and omit multiple (1243?) records. Now you should have a found set of 423(?) records, that you can export to a new file. Next, show omitted only and export again.


These numbers are iffy, because 1243 + 423 = 1666, not 1656.

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Your professor is simply not correct. Records are each separate entities. Groups of records can be separated by doing a find. Better to have a script that executes on first window open when your professor opens the file so he/she sees the proper found set. Sometimes certain people who understand little about database technology ask for things that are simply unnecessary or downright silly.

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Since you stated


hi lee , 


i guess i couldn't explain my problem. i haven't got corruption or damaged file problem.

I moved this From "Damaged / Corrupt File Problems" to "Relationships.because it seems this would be a better fit.


If this file is not intended to grow beyond what you have presented, then the finds presented above should do what you are needing.


However, I get the feeling that this is the first step to a much bigger need.


If Im correct, then you need to look into making an ERD (Entity Relationship Design) of your file. There are some training sites that provide information on how to do this. If you want my recommendations, contact me by private message.



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This topic is 2586 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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