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File Path / Image Mapping / Batch Importing image files into FileMaker Database

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I'm trying to import images into my FileMaker database. My problem is:

How can I import all my images at once and automatically match or store it based on the value in the Container in the field? For example:

I have 5 images located/stored in the same folder of my FileMaker database: 11111.jpg , 22222.jpg , 33333.jpg , 44444.jpg , 55555.jpg


-In my FileMaker database, I have PRODUCTS Table.
-In my PRODUCTS Table, I have PHOTO Field Name.
-My PHOTO Field Type is "Container" -- not 'Text' or 'Calculation'.
-My Container Values are: 11111.jpg , 22222.jpg , 33333.jpg , 44444.jpg , 55555.jpg --> So that makes 5 rows right?

What I want to do is, import all those 5 images from my folder into my FileMaker database while FileMaker will automatically search for its matching value in the database. Once FileMaker found its matching value/filename, it will place the image in that container.

Basically, it will be like this: FILENAME = VALUE (IF 11111.jpg = 11111.jpg THEN place that image in that container)

I want to know how to do this because I know it will save a lot of time when importing hundreds, thousand or even hundred-thousand files.

I hope my explanation to my problem is very clear to you.

Your help will be highly appreciated! :hug:

Thank You very much in advance. :) :hug:

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For starters are the images in one directory on your computer? or are they in different directories?


if you have a known filename and a known file path to the files you can create a calculation that  derives the path to the files and then write a script that loops thru the records to insert the image into a container field.


The other option is - Import Records > Folder... then choose the path to directory of images and import them then once the files are in a record you can do any matching between records in another table. 


In some cases i have done a hybrid approach where i only import the filename and file path into a table then loop thru the found set and omit any thing that is not a .jpg or .pdf (depending on your needs ) then loop thru the set of sanitized records and import the file into the container. 

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