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FM Server 13 and Email Plugin incompatible

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FM Server 13 et Plugin Email incompatibles


J'essaie depuis une semaine de faire fonctionner le plugin Email avec FM Server 13

(OSX Mavericks, plugin 2.03).


Le plugin requiert Java 1.6. J'ai d'abord installé FM Pro (non serveur) pour tester, l'installation de Java 1.6 est automatique. Le plugin fonctionne.


Mais l'installation (et le démarrage) de FM Server n'est possible que si on installe Java 1.7. Cela remplace alors la version 1.6 et le plugin ne fonctionne plus.


Avez-vous une solution, merci…


Olivier Aubert




(google trad)


FM Server 13 and Plugin incompatible Email

I try for one week to run the plugin Email with FM Server 13
(OSX Mavericks plugin 2.03).
The plugin requires Java 1.6. I first installed FM Pro (not server) for testing, installing Java 1.6 is automatic. The plugin works.
But the installation (and starting) of FM Server is only possible if we install Java 1.7. This replaces version 1.6 and the plugin no longer works.
Do you have a solution, thank you ...
(sorry for my poor english)
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The plugin should work with Java 1.7, so I wonder if this might now be an installation issue. Is the plugin listed in the FileMaker Server admin console: > Database Server > Server Plugins. Is the "enabled" checkbox checked?


Ce plugin est normalement compatible avec Java 1.7, et je me demande s'il ne s'agit pas d'un problème d'installation. Est-ce que le plugin apparaît dans le console d'administration de FileMaker Server? Vous trouvez ces informations dans > Database Server > Server Plugins. Vérifiez bien que la case "Enabled" est cochée.

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Thank you for your reply.

So I installed FM Server accepting the installation of Java 1.7. The terminal tells me that it is still the version 1.6 which is operational (to my surprise):
java version "1.6.0_65"
Java SE Runtime Environment (build 1.6.0_65-b14-462-11M4609)
Java HotSpot 64-bit Server VM (build-b04-462 20.65, mixed mode)
I then installed the plugin in the folder:
/ Library / FileMaker Server / Database Server / Extensions
On the server, I can activate the plugin and the box remains checked.
I've made a scheduled script on the server to activate the plugin, but the function EmailVersion returns "?"
Yet with FM Pro (not server), it returns me the right version.
Wrong location of the plugin? Yet the server "sees" it and can activate it...
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OK, that does sound quite strange. Do other plugin functions also return "?"? EmailLastError, e.g.?


If you add a script that stores the result of : Get ( InstalledFMPlugins ), and run that on the server, what do you get?


You can also try restarting the FileMaker Server Engine (in command line, fmsadmin stop fmse, and then fmsadmin start fmse to restart).


You may also want to consider contacting [email protected]. Lately, they have tended to be more responsive by e-mail than on this forum. 

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Yes, the engine is running. I can see (Service already running) in the terminal.
I tested a scheduled script that does not use the plugin and it's OK.

The FM function Get ( InstalledFMPlugins ) returns nothing (empty).
All plugin functions return "?" (EmailConnectSMTP, EmailCreate, EmailLastError, EmailRegister).

I purchased an Enterprise license, but maybe we got a license number for a single-user version?

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Our plugins require a 32-bit version of Java, which on OS X unfortunately necessitates Apple's Java 6, the only available 32 bit version. The "?" result of a plugin function indicates that FileMaker can't resolve that function name; that is, the plugin isn't fully initialized. Olivier, is the plugin generating any logs? These would be found in your FileMaker Server/Logs/360Plugin Logs/ directory. Those would help us figure out your issue.


As David noted, we do respond most quickly to emails or phone calls, but as our support lead, I'm going to be making a serious effort to check these forums at least daily!

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Sorry for the long time before responding.


I called the helpdesk of 360Works. After about an hour the problem was solved. Then I tested the new version of the plugin and it works perfectly.


Thanks 360Works and thanks all.


(I don't know how to make this topic "Resolved"...)

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Hi Olivier,
it would be great if you shared with us here how this problem was resolved exactly. I am having something similar i think. Was it just about installing a newer version of 360Works Email plugin?
I will try that and see how it goes...

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The newest versions of our plugins do still require Apple's Java 6 on OS X. We are working on resolving that dependency and making our plugins fully compatible with the newest versions of Java, but for now, any use on OS X requires that Java 6. There should be no problem installing it on top of any existing versions of Java.

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This topic is 2968 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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