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Unable to Navigate to Layouts...sometimes

James Gill

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Sometimes (this is the important part, because it seems like 80% of the time it works fine) Filemaker will prevent me from browsing directly to Layouts via the Layout dropdown available through the Toolbar interface.  I know there are no security settings preventing me from accessing these layouts as I've deliberately set them up to be navigable via this menu, however sometimes the folders and layouts will be greyed out.


This isn't a show stopping issue, more of a rather annoyance really, but has anybody seen similar behavior in Filemaker 13 and know what the problem is?




Edit: And now after restarting Filemaker it works...


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I thought that was fixed, Bruce; I sure hope it isn't back! :-)


Hi James,


There is a current bug which affects Mac where shortcut keys disappear including when in browse mode, such as Find and Preview.  It is known as the 'Layout shortcut' bug but it is more than that - specify Find can simply disappear and other disappearing behaviors.  I wonder if that is the issue.  


In addition to this now-you-can-and-now-you-can't behavior, if a file is recently unzipped, it seems to hang ... you can open it but you can't do anything until you close it and reopen it again (at least on Mac).  This only happens a single time when first downloaded/unzipped; it is as if it is suffering from record-lock LOL.


This latest 13 Updater may have solved a few things which were broken but it seems to have taken a half-step backwards in different areas.  And some bugs have never been fixed such as inability to jump-select from popup on Windows (which used to work fine).  18 months between releases is simply too often UNLESS FMI increases their staff and replaces some of their management who lets the sales team dictate policy instead of the development team.


In all, it is always best to post over in Report An Issue http://forums.filemaker.com/hives/1eea103f05/summary.  It will mostly only benefit other developers running into issues and looking for answers but that is reason enough.  And sometimes FMI responds.  When you find out specifically, please respond on this thread so others searching here and finding your post can also get an answer.   :yep:

One more thing ... are you SURE it cannot be privileges?  Does it ever happen with full access accounts?

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There was also a recent post by Matt Navarre that table occurrences in the graph can disappear until you restart so it seems to be contagious.


Oh my!  I knew about the Enter Layout Mode keyboard shortcut thing, but missed Matt's post re the relationship graph.  Is it just a Yosemite thing?  I was watching Todd Geist's "Connector-Selector" video yesterday (done on Yosemite) and thinking that maybe it's finally time to upgrade, but now I'm thinking maybe not!


Thanks for the heads-up.

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This topic is 2855 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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