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Finding Omitted Records


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I have an attendance DB File that takes attendance of participants. By simply scanning their barcodes, their  timestamp are recorded. on a more detailed explanation, I have three tables: Participants, Attendance and Attendance_Line_Items.


The Attendance_Line_Items is presented in a portal placed on a layout from the Attendance Table. That is just the structure of the file. From the portal records, I have managed to calculate the TOTAL ATTENDANCE, TOTAL LATE participants and TOTAL EARLY participants. But I am currently faced with two major challenges:


1. How to get the Total of those that did not attend with respect to the Total Record of Participants I have?

2. How to get precisely, those Participants that did not Attend?


Please, I don't know if my topic really explains my intention for this post, but i am hoping whoever reads this would understand.. Thanks

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I'm a bit confused by your structure. Typically, an event attendance has People<-Attendance->Event. So, can you tell me more about your data model, then I'll be able to provide a better answer.


For example, using the above structure, Total Attendance is a simple count of records in the related Attendance table. As for "late" or "early", I would imagine you would be comparing their "scan" time with a "start time" in the Event record.


Total who did not attend, could be total attended - #records in the People Table. Unless, each event has an "invited" list.

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thanks bcooney for your reply.. My structure is exactly like you stated..


like i said, so far I have been able to get the following:

Total People that Attended

Total people that came Late

Total people that came Early

but my challenge is how to get the following:

Total people that did not Attend and not just the Number, but their details aswell such as ID

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Get a list of ID's from the attendance table for an event 

Get a list of ID's of the people (total population)


Zap the two lists - returns the people who did not attend. 


-- or -- 


Find the one event record

GoToRelated Records from Event >--<attendance>---<People

Show Omitted

A set of people that did not attend this event.

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just finished my little lesson while studying the sample file. I can only say wow!! I have really learnt alot, was able to tackle more than the tasks I highlited earlier just with this file...

Thanks bcooney, for coming to my rescue.. And to you Ocean west.. Thanks a million

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This topic is 2802 days old. Please don't post here. Open a new topic instead.

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