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  1. Free

    This file is a small FileMaker-based tool whose input is the XML data of Database Design Report exported from Filemaker.
    It can help developers save time finding elements in a solution.
    Below is what the tool provides
    • Search any fields in a whole solution
    • Search any layouts in a whole solution
    • Search any scripts in a whole solution
    • Search any TO (Table Occurrence) in a whole solution
    • Import many solutions



  2. $499.99

    Get data from PayPal transactions pushed into FileMaker automatically, instantly when the transactions occur.  No more wasting time with manual data entry from PayPal into FileMaker!
    Our FileMaker PayPal IPN solution connects directly to FileMaker Server hosted databases using FileMaker’s PHP API.  This provides instant, seamless integration of PayPal IPN into FileMaker.
    FileMaker PayPal IPN Data Solution File A FileMaker database that stores all of the PayPal IPN data. This needs to be hosted on a FileMaker Server FileMaker PayPal IPN PHP Solution Files A PHP application that processes the PayPal IPN data and updates the FileMaker solution file accordingly. This needs to be hosted on a web server with PHP 5.3 or higher installed What Can I Do With It?
    The basic functionality of the solution is to automatically save data about any transaction that hits your PayPal account to your FileMaker system.  What this does for you is opens the door to automate tasks that could potentially chewing hours, days, even weeks of time!  With a couple of simple table relationships and FileMaker scripts, the possibilities are endless.
    Just a Few Examples
    Create new orders in your FileMaker system when payments are received in PayPal. Update the PayPal payment status of orders in your FileMaker system. Update FileMaker product / order details when an order is refunded. Trigger FileMaker scripts based on IPN transaction types or payment status. Flag orders where a customer has filed a dispute with PayPal. The best part is that this all happens automatically, instantly when the transaction hits PayPal!

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  3. Free

    FM Image Cropper
    Simple image cropper built on Scott Cheng's awesome jQuery plugin 'Crop it!  — enjoy! 
    - osX 10.11 and FMP v14 tested only.
    - keep DB and other files in the same folder.



  4. Free

    This product is a demo of FileMaker custom functions that may be easily embedded within a database and used to generate barcodes such as Code-128 and Code-39 natively without fonts or plug-ins. 



  5. Free

    A friend asked if I could help with a Reservations App for her new Camp/Caravan site, it only has 5 van pitches and 10 tent pitches. I couldn't find a free one and as this is her first steps did not want to recommend a big spend solution for something that would only be used as a standalone on a MacBook.
    So I struggled for a week or two with FileMaker, and the great help from the Forum questions and solutions.
    So thanks everyone, you have helped a newbie make something that seems to work.
    I guess that I have done everything wrong/badly but I eventually enjoyed the experience.
    This is where I step away, if you find it in anyway useful as a learning experience or whatever then that's enough.
    (Oh you may want to change the archive/backup folders referenced as I pointed those at a Box Sync folder.)



  6. Free

    Indats Icon Manager is an SVG Icon viewer and manager, that makes it easy to view, edit, and export SVG's that play nice with Filemaker 14 buttons, and button bars. The tool is free to use, and all icons are provided royalty free by Metro Studio's Syncfusion. There are about 4,000 icons, and 26 different categories. That should be more icons than anyone could ever want!
    For more information you can check out my blog post here:
    File Requires Filemaker Pro 14



  7. $500.00

    Manage your FileMaker Projects
    Using a FileMaker Solution
    Projects, procedures, customers and employees. That’s what it’s all about. Data that has been captured once can be used in multiple modules. This avoids duplication and reduces the error sensitivity. Your Company is growing? Azor grows with you and is easily managed.

    Try our demo:

    Project software Controle all your projects
    Azor is a central point for all information related to your projects. You have direct insight into project information such as budget, profitability, budgeting, involved participants, activities and costs.
    Sales & CRM Fully coordinated to your branch
    All your client and contact information easy to understand. Azor supports you in assessing leads & prospects per branch, sector or sales channel. In combination with the to-do module you can schedule and check-off all sales processes.
    • You can generate reports for your specific needs.
    • Summary of your contact information.
    • Send invoices, quotations, costs incurred.
    • Generate clear sales forecasts directly.
    • Make advanced selections for Direct Marketing campaigns.
    • Easily send out paper or digital mails.

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  8. Free

    Zip code table for the U.S. including Puerto Rico. Jan 30, 2015



  9. Free

    Hello everyone

    waiting for someone to be able to develop a custom function that can solve the equations (I'm trying but it is not easy), I attach a file that solves them using the WolframAlpha's API:

    Registration is free and allows the solution of 2000 equations per month.

    At the end of registration you will get your AppId that you'll need to write in the appropriate field.

    Have fun


    PS: if you wish, you can also obtain the graphs of the functions!
    PS: the attached screenshot is from an italian version!



  10. Free

    This is a FileMaker Solution that provides user to search in multiple columns/individual columns by multiple ways. The solution is developed in FileMaker pro 12

    Some Salient Features of FM solutions-Advance Searching:
    FileMaker ExecuteSQL inbuilt functions to make some simple ways for searching data
    No external plug-ins required to search data
    Working fine in FM pro 12 & 13



  11. Free

    This is a solution become sample file developed in Filemaker13.
    This provide you basic knowledge to create Popover in Filemaker.
    There are 2 different ways to show Popovers:
    1. Direct Popover open from Popover Button
    2. Dynamic Popover which open Popover by script according to the condition.

    In this solution files you will get the examples for each type Popover and also the settings for create Popovers.

    Watch the details video:



  12. Free

    A complete Zip code database including Zip, City, State, Area code, county, latitude, longitude and enter a zip code in the destination zip field and it will give you distance to the other zip codes.



  13. Free

    This is a solution cum sample file developed in Filemaker13.
    This provide you basic knowledge about the creation of Slide in Filemaker.
    There are 2 different type of slide control creation examples in this file.
    1. Simple Slider
    2. Dynamic Slider

    Watch the details video:



  14. Free

    FileMaker can't be all work and no fun... So here is a little something to pass the time.

    It's based on the game of Tower of Hanoi where you have a stack of stones and have to
    move them from one pad to another quickly and as few as moves as possible, always
    placing a smaller stone on top of a larger one.

    This requires FMP 13, as it employes using the Base64 encoding/decoding of image values, along with some sliders and popovers.




  15. Free

    This is the purchasing/inventory control/selling/contacts application I use in my office.
    Fell free to use it with the following conditions:
    a) Any improvement made to it must be made available on this forum.
    Can be used in you own company, but cannot be sold, modified for profit, redistributed, etc.

    Applicattion is unlocked (User; Admin, PW; Admin) but HIGHLY localized for my own needs, many layouts/tabs will probably be useless for many people, and many have been deleted in this upload.
    Application is in Spanish, except for 2 tabs in the start Layout (BUY and SELL)

    It includes 4 separate fp7 files.

    I am far from being an expert, therefore it most likely can be vastly improved by experienced users.

    It keeps inventory, but I still don't like the way I do it.

    Best regards



  16. Free

    "Custom User Login Template" is a FileMaker Solution that provides user to use custom login process of user rather than to use default FileMaker user login dialogue. The solution is compactable and workable with FileMaker Pro 12.

    Silent Features of Custom User Login Template:

    - Provides a way to use custom login process without using default FileMaker login dialogue
    - It also demonstrates how to show password characters as asterisks dynamically while logging in to FM application.

    To discuss about our FileMaker service, expertise and how we can help you, please contact us on E-Mail or call 1-248-686-1424.



  17. Free

    Teacher's Companion is a visually appealing and easy to use lesson management software for teachers, tutors, and instructors. This versatile database solution can assist in the management and record keeping of all aspects of your teaching business. Built from the ground up by teachers, this software keeps record of students and customers, courses, lesson templates, products, and much more.

    This solution can easily be tailored to suit your business. With its vast amount of features and flexibility, you can upload your business logo, add an invoice header and footer, and create your own tuition categories, contact types and lesson template keywords. Lesson templates allows you to reuse lesson documents, saving you countless hours of preparation time.

    Besides keeping record of student payments, Teacher's Companion has a full product inventory system for storing product sales and rentals, invoices, product purchases and supplier information.

    The user interface is elegantly designed and thoughtfully intuitive with an easy learning curve. Built on the highly popular FileMaker platform, Teacher's Companion is robust, powerful and searching for records is a breeze with results returned almost instantly.

    To learn more, click: Teacher's Companion




  18. Free

    "Sort Portal Rows" is a FileMaker Solution that provides user to sort his portal dynamically by multiple ways. The FM solution is compatible and workable with FileMaker Pro 12.

    Silent Features of Sort Portal Rows Solution:
    - The portal rows are getting sorted by sort fields
    - User can sort portal rows according to the selected value from a custom value list
    - Each custom value re-presents a column field so based on the field's value the list of keys
    - Portal rows can sort by selected value from the value list of exact field name
    - Portal rows can sort by selected value from the value list of Custom Value
    - Portal rows can sort by selected value from the value list of Portal Header

    To discuss about our FileMaker service, expertise and how we can help you, please contact us on email or call 1-248-686-1424.



  19. Free

    Its a simple solution to sort a portal with desire flagging. Here its a Contacts and contacts address relationship database where this files give a solution for following objectives:
    1. Only One Address can be the primary address with all the other ones automatically flagged as Secondary.
    2. When the first Address is created, it is automatically flagged as a primary address.
    3. If there are multiple addresses, only one can be Primary.
    4. When an address is changed to primary, all the other addresses related to the particular contact must be changed to secondary.
    5. When viewing the related addresses within a Portal in the contact Database, They must be sorted so that the primary address is always on top



  20. Free

    Make new row of portal into a button to add new portal row. This will only show a button in the last portal row to add new portal row.

    Button Object Formatting

    IsEmpty ( Glb_PortalTab__gContactID::SerialNo ) [Enable the button object]
    not IsEmpty ( Glb_PortalTab__gContactID::SerialNo ) [Disable the button object]

    Here "Glb_PortalTab__gContactID" is the TOG of portal table and the field - SerialNo must be the primary/non empty serial# of Portal table.

    Attached a script to all the portal fields and pass 2 parameters. 1st parameter should be the object name of the portal field and 2nd parameter should be the SerialNo from portal TOG.

    script will be like this - Portal Button ( Object Name, SerialNo)



  21. $4.99

    ShortCut is a FileMaker Solution which emulates a PC shortcut or Mac alias file. It will locate your remote FileMaker Server anywhere in your office network or anywhere in the world (internet access required) and open the shared FileMaker Database Solution.

    ShortCut includes an e-mail function which allows you to send unlimited copies of your configured ShortCut to employees so they, too, will be able to connect directly to the shared FileMaker Solution. No need to train them for Remote Connection or setting Favorites. It also includes up to three file path modifications, allowing for changes in Server configuration or Solution name changes.

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  22. Free

    FM KickStart a free & 100% open FileMaker Pro 12 solution.

    As a Platinum FileMaker Partner with twelve years of experience our goal is to provide users with a free functionality base to extend upon.

    With FM KickStart you take off with screeching tyres. In FM KickStart every element, layout,
    field, colour, font, relation or script can be adapted to your needs. Get direct control over your invoicing,
    even on the iPad. Easily manage CRM in one location. Browse through products and organise them efficiently.
    Quickly and efficiently link important documents to the correct relation.
    Easy to customise

    You can immediately customise FM KickStart to your own way of working

    No time, too complicated?

    As a Platinum FileMaker Partner with twelve years of experience we can quickly and efficiently develop add-ons for you.
    Multiple users, multiple devices?
    No problem. You can start with a single user and easily expand to 999 users.

    In the cloud or self-managed?

    Locally installed on your server or in the cloud: something can be said for both options. The choice is yours.

    FM KickStart website



  23. Free

    This is a simple file that can help you with version control. If you work from different locations or use different computers it can get frustrating keeping track of the most current version. I tried drop box, but had many issues of conflicting copies and found myself repeating hours of work due to poor version management. This file will allow you to have a secure location to keep your file. To work on a file you must check it out, and minimize the version control file. The Version Control file will not close until you check back in your file. It automatically updates the build number each time you check in your file and also requires a brief description of changes made. By hosting the version file you will always be working from the most recent project file and it will be kept in a central storage location. I made this file for myself and you may use a very different numbering or tracking method, so feel free to alter this file as needed to suite your needs. Please let me know if you encounter any bugs!
    NOTE: When checking in a file the checked in file replaces the checked out file. If you wish to keep a copy of the file prior to change make a new version and then check out the file and continue modification. Also, this is for development files only. If you have large files with lots of data this will be a slow process over a WAN.



  24. Free

    This SQL code generator will generate ExecuteSQL() code for FileMaker allowing you to use unsafe field names and make changes to database schema after making the code. If you have feedback of any kind such as bugs or feature requests please visit the support topic for this file.

    UPDATE 5/23/2012
    Code window opens at start up
    Disabled field name check at start up.
    No bug fixes ( please send bug reports in the support topic )

    UPDATE 5/23/2012
    Added Settings page
    Added Loading page
    Fixed bug in code window

    UPDATE 5/16/2012
    Misc bug fixes and UI tweaks

    UPDATE 5/15/2012
    Table and Field ID's are now tracked allowing for auto repairing of table and field names after schema changes
    Misc bug fixes and UI tweaks

    UPDATE 5/13/2012
    All new UI
    Support for more functions

    UPDATE 5/9/2012 (v1.0?!)
    Support for FROM and Right JOIN Table Aliases
    Misc. bug fixes
    Tweaked the UI

    UPDATE 5/5/2012
    You can now group by a field without displaying it in the results
    Added JOIN Example

    UPDATE 5/4/2012
    Added a Statement Creation Wizard ( v07 )
    Improved Dynamic Parameters Support. ( v0601 )
    Support for Dynamic Parameters.

    UPDATE 5/2/2012 ( Back From Vacation! )
    Starting Value navigation buttons.
    Output code display options can be set at the bottom of the details layout.

    UPDATE 4/29/2012
    Added warning icons that show up if a field no longer exists so that schema changes can be easily tracked down.
    Added starting value and maximum results in the results window.

    UPDATE 4/25/2012
    Fixed "AND OR" Bug
    Insert functions into select field lines
    Adding a function to a WHERE line will change it into a HAVING line
    Manual entry will populate when entered on SELECT and WHERE/HAVING lines

    UPDATE 4/24/2012
    Fixed bug in ORDER BY
    Table Occurrences are now all that is needed to populate the field list.

    UPDATE 4/23/2012
    Added "Get at Date or Time" Check box for SELECT lines and an example of how it works.
    Statements can be assigned categories
    Simplified the code when there is no JOIN statement
    Code now has formatting to make reading the code easier
    Dropped the use of Quote() and now use escaped quotes
    You can attach a sub-query when using "WHERE IN" by clicking on the icon to the right of the value field

    UPDATE 4/22/2012
    More Unsafe Names
    UNION drop down menu and examples showing how to use it.

    Thanks for the feedback so far...



  25. Free

    Advance serach Filemaker solutions



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