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When exporting XML as fmxmlresult.xml when does FilMaker populate the content of the layout attribute?

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When exporting XML as fmxmlresult.xml when does FileMaker populate the content of the layout attribute?

Usually it looks like

<DATABASE DATEFORMAT="D/m/yyyy" LAYOUT="" NAME="Menu.fp7" RECORDS="51" TIMEFORMAT="k:mm:ss "/>

Yet sometimes it looks like this

<DATABASE DATEFORMAT="D/m/yyyy" LAYOUT="menu" NAME="Menu.fp7" RECORDS="51" TIMEFORMAT="k:mm:ss "/>

Then again when querying the XML RPC it always look like this

<datasource database="Menu.fp7" date-format="MM/dd/yyyy" layout="menu" table="Menu" time-format="HH:mm:ss" timestamp-format="MM/dd/yyyy HH:mm:ss" total-count="0" />

Asking the question myself, answering the question myself as well. Checking the following checkbox populates the LAYOUT-attribute of FMPXMLRESULT


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