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I am running a server script periodically (every hour lets say) which does some database maintenance, uploads some files, etc. I do this on a number of Filemaker Servers (latest server version running on Windows machines) without problems…except for one server. On this server I use scriptmaster to up load some large files into containers as they are generated from scientific instruments. The problem is that the server runs seems to run out of RAM memory after a "few" days. I think this is the only thing that this server does differently than the other 4 servers and feel that this is the problem. My question is…is there a way to "flush" memory used by the plugin or by the FM server. Has anyone else experienced something similar or am I barking up the wrong tree? Thanks. 

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Well, if you load an image to memory, you may need to free it explicitly. Else more and more images will fill memory.

At least for MBS Plugin, you need to call the free methods on each image to remove it from memory.

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What is smreset?

I just want you to check what functions you use, check the documentation, if they require a call of a cleanup function and call that as needed.

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ryan360Works    16


Restarting the FileMaker Script engine may serve as a "flush".  You can do this by using the command "fmsadmin restart fmse -y" in powershell. SMReset will clear any loaded jars, variables, and registered functions that have been stored in memory. This may free up some memory for you but you will need to reload the jars, re-register the functions if/when you need them

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Hmmmm. OK, Maybe I will see if restarting the script engine is needed or does the trick if SMReset doesn't. I am trying that tonight. Will report back. Thanks

And darn. I just noticed I posted this in the wrong forum. Sorry!!! Should be in the Scriptmaster forum. 

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So far so good…the SMReset seems to solve the memory issues I was having. A few more days of testing on the server will confirm it hopefully. 

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